1. akmjolnir says

    In previous generations kids could spend the entire day from sunrise to sunset, unsupervised, and no one batted an eye.

    They could play outside miles from home, and no one questioned it.

    Now, if your kid is spotted 10ft away from a parent it’s assumed they’re about to be kidnapped or molested by the next closest adult.

  2. dat_sovietboy says

    What about Nazis?

  3. ItzSoso says

    I mean spending a minimum of 12 years inside a classroom doesn’t actually make you feel like your life is interesting or makes you know yourself and know what you wanna do in the future. And schools are such a toxic place, you will be judged for every little thing, the way you dress, the way you talk, how much money your family has, things in your physical appearance that you can’t change, people will judge your interests, your sexuality, people will be mean for no reason because everyone seems to be trying to affirm themselves.

    Then you create this fantasy that after school you’ll be free and finally be yourself but then you realize how you don’t have money and it’s not that easy as adults told you it was when you were a kid, you see that “study to have a great job and a great life” doesn’t always go as planned, you see you actually have no clue about what to do in life or where to go, your self esteem is trash because school never taught you how the real world works or things that are actually useful on a daily basis, you become more insecure and anxious than ever.

    You see you can’t function in the real world, don’t understand anything about money, can’t go to a bank because you don’t understand about finances. Feel anxious just to make an order or solving a problem by yourself because school though you how to solve equations but not how actual economics work.

    Then your own family is going to start judging you when they see you’re lost.

    A generation who grew up being told they were perfect, amazing, smart, beautiful, that they would have a good life if they studied and worked hard, realizing the world is much more messed up and hard than the fairytales we were told. You start realizing about politics around the world, about true history, racism, climate change and all messed up stuff going on in the world and how your generation will have to deal with all that.

  4. Official_loli says

    Kids are more depressed because people are actually getting diagnosed with depression instead of it being ignored.

  5. Ai_Ohto_ says

    High key the internet does add extra stress and is over stimulating our brains a lot, we’re often constantly thinking about everyone online which is a LOtT more people than we know personally. So phones probably made this generation more depressed but it’s just added to the list not th only thing lol

  6. Legosheep says

    The Nazis aren’t back. It’s more like a tribute band.

  7. DaFlyingMagician says

    Social media doesn’t help either.

  8. ValhallaGo says

    Not just Nazis are back, but a lot of people’s parents are saying that we’re being hyperbolic about the people carrying swastikas and confederate flags.

    My parents watch Fox News, so naturally they think riots are out of control and Minneapolis is a lawless hellscape. *And I live in Minneapolis*.

  9. Poorly_Made_Comix says

    “Fine ill just go back to being a gay dog on the internet”

  10. OrelHanasab says

    It’s literally the internet though

  11. tfdom says

    I get the world is fucked up but these are getting lazy and unoriginal.

  12. Wha_She_Said_Is_Nuts says

    The day I told my son he didn’t have the skills to be a D1 soccer player and everyone said I was a dream killer….I just believe love requires honesty. Sometimes painful, other times encouraging. By my sons sophomore year of HS, he didn’t have the speed or attacking technical skills to even be looked at for D1. I had been trying to work on those skills with him but they never developed. That’s life. Now go coach or be a ref. Stay in the game.

    Love that kid. He coaches club team while finishing up his engineering degree.

  13. GusJenkins says

    They were depressed too, they just didn’t know what to call it, or was raised to just deal with it.

  14. andocromn says

    The earth will be fine. It’s the people that are going to die

  15. hatethiscity says

    Those pesky iPhones that we’re more addicted to than kids are.

  16. Apearthenbananas says

    The earth will be fine. Uninhabitable by humans but alright by its own standards.

  17. static1053 says

    We also have no chance of buying a house in any feasible timeframes before we fucking retire. No such thing as a “starter home” any more.

  18. Wanderingh0st says

    Yes but it is also the phones/social media. Billionaire Tech companies are using predatory algorithms to control/numb your dopaminergic system and make you addicted to their products

  19. hearthfire76 says

    I don’t think the phones are fully not to blame

  20. SmokeyMcDoogles says

    Hey, that’s not fair. You forgot we also can’t go any public place without being ever so slightly aware we could be shot randomly and without warning.

  21. andthepussycats says

    I don’t care for these new Nazis, and you may quote me on that.

  22. MightyKondrai says

    nazis are back is a huge exaggeration. neo-nazis have always been a thing.

  23. disphugginflip says

    Kids are so melodramatic

  24. blokay_da_hech says

    Ah yes, kids are depressed because *economy*. Half the kids in my grade couldn’t define it.

  25. YoungLinger says

    ¿por que no los dos?

  26. feindr54 says

    Let’s be totally honest here. Which kid actually gives a shit about any of the adult topics given?

  27. not_your_attorney says

    Kids aren’t any more depressed these days. They just feel more comfortable talking about it. It’s a good thing.

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