1. gregarious24 says

    Is he welcoming? Or is he saying “Whoa, whoa, whoa! Let’s back the fuck up here, bud.” We may never know the truth.

  2. OwnsATurtle says

    Just for reference, it’s not welcoming a human but much rather [attempting to interact with a spy camera designed to look like an otter](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SIWbjgPYcJY). There is no human involved here (except when controlling the camera, I assume).

  3. Top_Dust_6064 says

    procedes to crack your head open on its fuzzy wittle tummy with a rock

  4. cheffloyd says

    “**Temba**, **his arms open**.”

  5. Mattimvs says

    You won’t see many sea otters in lakes…just sayin

  6. mydogisthedawg says

    It’s saying, “get otter here!”

  7. RetroHan says

    And then it rips your face off.

  8. Florida2000 says

    Suddenly I see a new Caddyshack movie, but on the water……

  9. star_dipper76 says

    Temba, his arms wide

  10. Crassotreaseeya says

    I accidentally separated a mother otter and her kits along a marsh point.Closest I’ve ever been to being murdered after living in Richmond, Seattle, and Baltimore.

  11. StumptownExpress says

    Don’t shoot man, I’m unarmed!
    ^otter ^probably

  12. rustyseapants says

    **Police otter:** OKay human stand back, nothing to see here, go about your business. I am doing police otter stuff.

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