Otto von Bismarck, first Chancler of Germany, in hist last hours. This Photo was taken illegal by a journalist, making it one of the first scandal photos. 30 July 1898. [704 × 512]


Otto von Bismarck, first Chancler of Germany, in hist last hours. This Photo was taken illegal by a journalist, making it one of the first scandal photos. 30 July 1898. [704 × 512]

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  1. zirfeld says

    That’s past his last hours. He ded.

    The two photogrpahers bribed an employee of the Bismarck household in the days leading to his death to stay up to date. It was well known that he was dying and many journalists and spectators came to the estate. Afteer the death while the forester held watch over his dead boss, he let them into the room through the window. They staged the scene a little and even manipulated the clock to show the real time of death, while it was already several hours later.

    While trying to sell the picture they were later arrested and sentenced to a few moths prison time each.

  2. McFryin says

    Had too wiki his death. Sounds like a pretty shitty way to go out, but then again it was his decision to not get treatment for gangrene.

  3. dearg3142 says

    how did the journalist get away with that. like wouldnt he need a like crane to sneak a camera through the window, or am i missing the fact he had it hidden in his coat? arent cameras in that time huge?

  4. piffer76 says

    He suffocated from having his neck bent 90 degrees from the pillows, clearly. Not the first picture of murder pillows I’ve seen.

  5. blamdrum says

    That’s no way to lay on a pillow. Just asking for a sore neck.

  6. TenaciousBroski says

    This dude had a crazy awesome life. I loved reading about him growing up. Did anyone else have a Bismarck battleship book in their elementary library? We did, i checked it out weekly.

  7. ToXiC_Games says

    The Iron Chancellor. RIP Bismarck, a legend all diplomats would kill to meet.

  8. jzollobirds says

    Cause of death the sher amount of fucking pillows behind his head!

  9. notzed1487 says

    Not a way to be remembered, thanks

  10. Chintan_V says

    Sorry for not knowing, but what exactly did he do? What influence does he have today?

  11. adamfrom1980s says

    “Let’s put his head at a 90 degree angle to his neck, that’ll help him!”

  12. ChestyMcBreasty says

    Is that picture on the right of a dog in a wedding dress?

  13. Distinct-Antelope626 says

    What kind of clock is that next to him on the right? Looks good for it’s time.

  14. rebeccaisdope says

    I feel like that’s too many pillows. No way he’s comfy with his neck like that.

  15. SequinSaturn says

    I wish he would have succeeded in making Prussia more permanent.

  16. otto_von_bismarck935 says

    May he rest in peace, Germany forever thanks you. The iron chancellor shall live on forever in our hearts.

  17. DeadPrateRoberts says

    ( •_•) I wonder if the camera was set to

    ( •_•)>⌐■-■

    (⌐■_■) *Otto*


  18. Carston1011 says

    Probably a dumb question: but im assuming the German ship “Bismarck” was named after this guy?..

  19. macodesmama says

    Lmfao dude really made it to his eighties only to die because he wouldn’t get treated for GANGRENE out of all things?!?

  20. jbgtoo says

    Even this bad mofo had pictures of dogs on the wall. The more we change the more we stay the same

  21. HomunculusHunk says

    What’s the wired thing on the wall, left side of photo at top of headboard?

  22. RicksPortalGun_ says

    Ya I can’t blame him/ the govt for not wanting this one out in the open…

  23. dogbytes says

    Not as bad as George Harrison’s last days.

    The cancer specialist sued by George Harrison’s family for allegedly coercing the dying ex-Beatle to autograph a guitar has been ousted from his job as head of the radiation oncology unit at New York’s Staten Island University Hospital.

    According to court papers, Lederman is accused of forcing a weakened Harrison to autograph the instrument for the doctor’s teenage son and sign autographs for his two daughters two weeks before the ex-Beatle died of cancer. What a piece of shit.

  24. Zxello5 says

    But why does he have the same iPhone and charger on his nightstand that I do.

  25. jibjab23 says

    The Chancler of Germany hey? Whose grandmother gave him the Chancla?

  26. MrErie says

    Hitler spent many hours during his last days in the Führerbunker looking at a painting of Bismarck. This painting might have been more appropriate.

  27. Ximension says

    Homie out here looking like Darth Vader with his helmet off

  28. rapidreptile says

    How did he smuggle in the camera? I bet it was gigantic especially from that time period.

  29. [deleted] says


  30. KnittingforHouselves says

    This needs a NSFW or NSFL please. I was trying to sleep and seeing a picture like this is just disturbing.

  31. SmokeGSU says

    What’s with the elf peeking out from behind the pillow right of center?

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