1. sapienBob says

    that’s because the big chains keep their employees under 40 hours a week to avoid healthcare.

  2. Bon_of_a_Sitch says

    The weird thing is one of the locally-owned chains of gas stations in Texas (Buc-ee’s for those who care) pays their lowest-paid people $14.00 to $16.00 per hour. Full-time, health care, 401k match. And these are cashiers and people make deli sandwiches.

    And they have some of the best pricing on basically everything they sell. The mythical $20.00 hamburger lie about raising wages is a steaming crock of shit.

  3. decadekbrah says

    It’s actually quite a bit more. The 1200 (300/week) is tacked onto whatever your actual benefits were before, which is based on whatever your income at your prior job was.

    So someone who was already making say, 700 every two weeks with regular benefits (1400/ mo) would have the 1200 tacked onto that, and they’d be making around 2600/ mo.

    I’m not debating the argument in this post though. Minimum wages NEED to be increased to 15/ hr minimum imo. No one can live off 7.25-10/ hr. It’s ridiculous. People are staying on unemployment and refusing to go back to work because they can *finally* pay their bills and breathe without worrying about where every penny is going and STILL struggling to pay rent and put food on the table.

  4. snoandsk88 says

    I could see it keeping one parent home if it meant not paying for childcare.

  5. username802 says

    Pretty sure it’s $1200/month on top of regular unemployment, making this tweet completely wrong.

  6. HighOnGoofballs says

    Here in Florida I believe it’s about twice that, 1200 from the feds and 1100 from the state. Not saying it’s a ton of money just the OP wasn’t quite accurate

  7. bscones says

    IIRC unemployment scales off of what you were making before to some extent. There was added benefit when covid started so a lot of people actually made more from unemployment than what they made working at their old job.

  8. No-Tennis1389 says

    Minimum wage means “I’d pay you even less if I could.” In that situation, why would you expect anyone to work harder than the bare minimum to avoid getting fired?

  9. pennylane382 says

    I’m not really understanding the math here. MI paid $362 per week for regular unemployment benefits on top of $300 per week last I checked. That’s $2648 per month or 31,776 per year or 15.27 per hour.

    I’m for a living wage, and have adjusted my employee hourly rate several times during the pandemic – not only for recruitment, but also retention and appreciation – and would gladly keep doing so, but there arent any employees to offer it to. We received over 150 applications last week, set up 35 interviews and had 2 show up. One of those told us dead face in the interview that he “had no intention on accepting the job, I just need to be here stay compliant with unemployment”.

    For most these positions, we are paying double what federal minimum wage is, and those are extremely entry level positions. I offer benefits to anyone who works full time hours, and I have an ongoing quarterly bonus program for all hourly employees.

    I think, for the service industry at least, one of the other factors that goes under the radar is how vile customers have been treating people. Who would want to go back to that? Just to name a few, I’ve had 16 year old children have been screamed at by grown men, drinks have been thrown at them, and we have closed our lobbies because of feces being smeared on walls in retaliation of being asked to wear a mask in the store. I’ve had staff spit on, my car door handle has been urinated on by a group of construction guys angry they had to put masks on, etc.

  10. maxwellshmaxwell says

    Well you also don’t have to spend 40 hours a week at work to get that money…

  11. ZevLuvX-03 says

    No way an adult is going to give you much energy for 7:50 an hour.

  12. Scummbagg7 says

    I would like to know how someone lives on 1200 a month. I can’t even fathom how you would be able to afford anything.

  13. SquarelyCubed says

    It’s actually more than that considering you don’t need to commute, eat takeouts, and also you can start hobby/freelancing/investing in yourself. Also resting itself is extremely valuable.

  14. mrsgetbad187 says

    We are hiring double that have benefits and flexible schedules and we are still bone dry on getting people in the door. So I kind of disagree. Some people will take any wage and stay home and not work as long as they can.

  15. PainfulPeanutBlender says

    This really isn’t that accurate honestly. If you’re unemployed that amount is the federal aid per month, but you’re still getting state UI on top of that so it doesn’t exactly work out to a mere $7.50 an hour, you’re getting that on top of whatever your usual UI benefits are.

    It’s meant to be a bandaid and help those that have been fucked over by COVID, and it’s a great thing. Facts should be kept strait though, and yes employers should step the fuck up overall in wages and give their employees an actual living wage instead of crying and trying to play victim otherwise.

  16. NailFin says

    I emailed a company offering $11-$13 an hour the other day and told them exactly that! If they can’t afford to pay more, they need a new business mode. The average rent around here is $1000 a month. At $11 an hour that’s $1760 gross (before taxes). Figure the company takes about 20% off the top for taxes, that leaves the employee with $1408. If their rent is $1000, that leaves them with either a roommate, or $408 for the rest of the month for gas, food, phone Bill, internet, water, trash pick up, car payment, insurance etc, or $102.00 a week. I felt it was important enough to email the company and tell them they need to change their business model.

    Edit: spelling

  17. DrMobius0 says

    Yeah, if doing whatever I want all day is an alternative to working some retail drone job with asshole customers and asshole management who is barely more qualified than me, if that, then why the fuck would I ever put up with retail?

  18. Electrical-Lead5993 says

    Yup, pay people what they’re worth or they won’t show up

  19. doctordaedalus says

    I’m not sure if one of these 821 comments (at the time of my posting) here mention it, but “pandemic unemployment” is nowhere near that much, unless this tweet is just pretending that everyone gets the emergency checks every month, which they definitely don’t.

  20. IDontFeelSoGoodMr says

    Seems to me most of the businesses complaining about not getting hires are food industry and bars. Like yeah no shit people don’t want to work for tips when they are getting guaranteed money.

  21. nouseforaname888 says

    Yes! Employers should pay better wages rather than have the taxpayers pay for extra food stamps.

    It’s ridiculous the taxpayers are subsidizing big businesses such as Walmart to pay their employees dirt poor wages.

  22. PlumbasTheMighty says

    well whats better getting 1200$ month from the government and not working or working and getting 1200$.

    People always choose to not work and get 1200$ a month. That’s the problem. where I work we start people off at 12 an hour but we can’t hire anyone because it’s a job and not a handout.

  23. [deleted] says


  24. hawksbox says

    This isn’t true at all.

    It’s $300 a week $1200 a month EXTRA. My friend and roommate was making over $3000 a month on unemployment with the extra bump.

    Please don’t take this as my arguing against it I think it’s essential that people got the extra $300 a week but this tweet is lying.

  25. AlwaysTheAsshole1234 says

    But they won’t.

    They can’t because no one else does.

    Especially large business that operate on hair thin margins they raise wages and they have to raise prices which means WE the customers shop elsewhere.

    WE the customer are the reason massive corporations pay so little and take their production overseas.

    When I owned a business my lowest paid employee was $3 above min wage. I believed in showing my employees I valued them.

    Guess how long my biz lasted…. 5 years before I was completely priced out by home depot and Costco.

    I would load one plant into the back of a customers car and see their entire trunk filled with plants and soil from Home Depot…. they would only come to us for that rare item that HD didn’t sell. But… the kicker is they still expect us to carry all the items HD sells *too* but also expect them to be much higher quality because “you’re a small garden Center so I expect higher quality than the big box”

    My biz could not sustain itself on the few rare items that HD didn’t sell while the rest went to waste because they were “too expensive”

    So that’s the reality of our economy.

    There are a few niche industries that can get away with charging customers more and paying employees more. But the employers that employ North Americans by the hundreds of thousands… WE customers are to blame for the low wages, automatic check out machines and complete lack of customer service. Because we demand lower prices.

    “But the billionaires….”

    Yeah… it’s capitalism. Good luck convincing the billionaires to give up their profits for the minimum wage employees. It ain’t happening unless the government mandates it.

    Change begins with the customer. And the customer is being paid shit wages so they can’t afford to support quality either.

    The system is fucked.

  26. dezcaughtit25 says

    I’m assuming you didn’t use the real numbers because then the tweet wouldn’t be as viral?

  27. Vedder3475 says

    As an employer… I can tell you this makes no sense. New hire pay for my entry level positions is 15.50/hour.

    While I’m not convinced the stimulus +expanded edd+increased child’s tax credits /month = people don’t want to work…

    I will say… That initially I thought it was all a good idea while everything was closed down.

    But almost at the same time… They say ‘EVERYTHING OPENS BACK UP TOMORROW!’

    Now employers will be forced to innovate because (for whatever reason… If we’re to assume the extra money has nothing to do with it) the work force has shrunk.

    So when we can’t provide those stimulus checks… When the expanded edd ends… When the additional tax credits end… People will be desperate to work again. But we won’t be willing to hire, as we will have already retooled to survive without the labor. Once we’ve figured out how to survive without labor… Why would we begin hiring again, when it’s cheaper not to.

    I’ve stopped hiring to be honest. I’m talking the money I would use to employ new hires, given some of it to the people I held onto (increased their hourly) and invested in systems that reduce my dependence in human labor.

    I went from 130 employees… To 80. They are all making more, in saving on labor, the operation is cleaner and safer. It’s a win win all around…

    Except for all those people that will need a job in the coming months or years.

    The company I have my dealership agreement with, had a mid year hiring goal of 5000 new employees. They only found 1200 nationwide. The effort was so expensive they’ve stopped.

    I’m an independent. I support activist movements. I’ve even donated. But there is something wrong here, and anyone who suggests that gets shouted down by the fundamentalists on one side or the other. So there can be no investigation… And so the damage in the long run will be unavoidable.

  28. alexmunse says

    Shit, I’m offering $40/hr and I can’t find anyone to work for me. Granted, it’s not full time, but still

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