1. Johnny_the_hawk says

    Except the bitch that wouldn’t let me go to the front row yesterday on top thrill dragster even tho it was open

  2. notGeneralReposti says

    When I worked as a ride operator 95% of guests were super nice and caused no issues. The 5% that were assholes in the lineup were folks whose rich daddies paid a $100 extra for a fastlane pass. These people expected employees and the other guests to lick the dirt off their shoes. They were so cocky and would always argue when you hit the fastlane quota and started letting in regular guests.

  3. Pikajane says

    Every day I made at least one child cry and one Karen pterodactyl screech when I had to inform them that their precious little angel was just not tall enough to ride the Iron Dragon. You know. The one with a literal 5-minute-or-less walkup. Oh, the trauma I must have invoked on those poor innocent souls.

  4. mpmwrites says

    Thank you.

  5. Ilive4airtime says

    Since I will be working as a ride op soon, I have developed the “thoosie litmus test”. If I see someone with and fork of thoosie gear, I’ll push their restraints in and “staple” them and then based on their reaction I’ll be able to notate how much of a thoosie they are

  6. rollerCoast11 says

    I always make sure to say thanks when they check my restraint in the hopes it offsets the rude guests that they inevitably deal with

  7. Hammock180 says

    My favorite line is, “I came all the way from (some place less than an hour away) to be here today and you aren’t going to let me do what I want?” You think other people didn’t travel to be there today? Follow the rules Karen! You aren’t special Terry!

  8. Wham_Bam_Amsterdam says

    I’m a ride op, and about a week ago I got threatened by a guest because his locker wasn’t opening. And then this dude got mad at me because the ride broke down and I estimated that it would be back up in 25 – 30 minutes.

  9. SnooFoxes233 says

    Yes except the lady who told my friends what I should do instead of saying it to me because I had a access pass so obviously I must be brain dead /s

  10. cprenaissanceman says

    That circle of Hell is where you are perfectly stapled every time.

  11. UnwoundSteak17 says

    I wish I saw this two years ago, so I could steal from the guy who called the superman (sfne) ride op a p*ssy

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