1. FAK3-News says

    *presenter hands him the trophy* and the officer unloads 807 rounds into him, because he thought it was a gun.

  2. ToneThugsNHarmony says

    For my motorcycle road test, two Harley owners laughed at me for taking the test on a scooter. I laughed when they failed because they couldn’t do a figure 8.

  3. Bumbleclat says

    He failed. Look at all the cones he missed

  4. MidvalleyFreak says

    That’s not really that impressive. I could do that easily.

    (And by “that” I mean stand around in a yellow shirt watching a guy ride a motorcycle. As for the guy riding the motorcycle, yeah no way I could do that. That dude’s got skills.)

  5. Manic_Salchow says

    You know who owns this course way wayyy more than these riders?

    The guy who lay the conessss.

  6. Fuddy-D says

    Wow! That is *very* impressive! No way I could have done that on my bike. Respect.

  7. PacoFuentes says

    Seems like the course was designed specifically for this motorcycle’s turning radius, but still impressive

  8. Hungry_Feature_9609 says

    Haha a police themed post, wonder where this may go … dude can def handle his bike though

  9. [deleted] says


  10. axel00000blaze says

    My gta San Andreas driving school memories flashed.

  11. [deleted] says


  12. crimsonfucker34 says

    That bike as massive, Jesus Christ

  13. Earthling3617 says

    I would have trouble walking that

  14. RumHamx says

    Even with nothing bad going on, Reddit finds ways to cop shame

  15. Bluedotsaint says

    Worked in the ER for a long time. I’d totally rock that course with a rolling bed.

  16. libtearsrdelish says

    That’s a lot of cones. Solid performance.

  17. No-Tadpole9259 says

    Lotta cop haters here ?

    Edit: Cop is vibing on a motorbike and yet it still becomes everyone playing racial/political poker in the comments. Grow up people, go outside smell the roses. Arguing with people without a goal is pointless in general, convincing someone to fold to others ideas is a waste of your time. Enjoy your own ideas no need to post them willy-nilly for others to hate on

  18. Riggie_Joe says

    Half the people in the comments on this cool thing starring a police officer we know nothing about:

    “Guys no! Remember all cops are horrible people!”

  19. BathtubsMcGee says

    Say, that’s a nice bike!

  20. parth_1802 says

    These are the same people that crash into glass buildings in fast and furious…

  21. Harling_FTW says

    This cop is capable of lane splitting in India

  22. SigmaSuicide says

    The real mvp is the guy placing and picking up all these traffic cones.

  23. stangroundalready says

    That was just beautiful. Like watching a guy ride a horse in an equestrian event. Such prowess and skill on what does NOT look to be a nimble ride.

  24. ab2007ds says

    How long does it take to set up the cones?

  25. OverturnedAppleCart3 says

    Not sure if this is what it is, but the Ontario Provincial Police have a motorcycle “team” called the Golden Helmets.

    They do synchronized and precision motorcycle things.

    Edit: [video](https://youtu.be/3KXhBIkqj18) example

  26. Bridled_Chaos says

    Damn, that was almost as satisfying to watch as the Chauvin verdict.

  27. GowWowGoliath says

    Wow. You miserable fucks can’t even watch a cool video. Sheesh.

  28. Emergency_Brick3715 says

    If only they were this careful with human life.

  29. daaaayyyy_dranker says

    I don’t think I could’ve even WALKED through here without knocking over a cone

  30. ChesterDiamondPot says

    Now they parkour their motorcycles to crime scenes.

    Me- “what took you so long? I’ve been robbed!”

    Cop- “you wouldn’t understand. Did some sick shit on the way here though!”

  31. Sbeast86 says

    I wish i owned a bike i cared so little about i could practice this kinda drills without financial anxiety

  32. simsrenee says


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