1. EndmenowIhatethethis says


  2. That_Guy_From_KY says

    Just hope they don’t start saying “woem, woem, woem” (meow backwards) while doing this.

  3. lysergicbliss says

    This cat is high AF on dat nip. Look at those pupils

  4. Joker_33 says

    Australian cat

  5. SundaysOnSunday says


  6. GraveDiggingFrog says

    My late cat used to do that under my sisters crib then he would just stick his lil butt cheeks out the bottom and chill lol rip Little Tom you were a g

  7. Ok_Character_8569 says

    Yah, I do that too at night when I can’t sleep. Smart kitteh.

  8. itsmeicarus says


  9. emile-ms says

    “Grand Piano.”

  10. virginboy654 says


  11. QmanOmega says

    What music?

  12. plipyplop says

    That cool floor must feel nice on days like today.

  13. Leslie-2020 says

    This cat just came over from Australia, leave it along to get used to the new environment

  14. Comandatuba says

    At least the cat didn’t swivel his head around 360 degrees and projectile vomit.

  15. rqakira says


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