President Bill Clinton was just on @LiveKellyRyan and was asked about #UFOs and #UAPs. He confirmed there are things flying we haven’t identified yet


President Bill Clinton was just on @LiveKellyRyan and was asked about #UFOs and #UAPs. He confirmed there are things flying we haven’t identified yet

President Bill Clinton was just on @LiveKellyRyan and was asked about #UFOs and #UAPs. He confirmed there are things flying we haven’t identified yet from UFOs

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  1. YellowCore says

    2 Trillion Galaxies….

    Each with 100-400 billion stars…

    Edit: Seeing some negative comments due to my stars per galaxy estimation. Not all galaxies are as big as Milky Way, which I used for the 100-400 billion stars number. Average should be 50-100 billion.

    Still universe is massive, with a lot of stuff in it.

  2. mumooshka says

    so unidentified flying objects exist

    Thanks Bill

  3. croninsiglos says

    Was waiting for him to say there was no way to protect yourselves…

  4. UnanimouslyAnonymous says

    In my opinion, stating that there is more than likely life beyond our planet in conjunction with also stating there are aircraft on our planet that we can’t identity or known the origin of is just as good as confirming aliens are observing our planet. But, because *nothing has been confirmed*, nothing more can be stated.

  5. cometpantz says

    Why are the hosts acting like children

  6. ANewEra2020 says

    This is almost a complete 180 over his previous statements on the topic.

  7. Soren83 says

    2 former presidents have within 30 days of each other pretty much confirmed that there are things here, and yet people still laugh and make jokes.

    At what point does people actually shut up, stop laughing, and start asking tough questions?

  8. halfwit_halley says

    Everyone was so quiet after he said that.

  9. plagueofstars555 says

    He goes further though. He acknowledges what they have all done “we don’t know what they are” then proceeds to talk about life outside of Earth. This is a bit of a sway from the talking points and I think a big clue.

  10. Nissanica says

    So him and Obama basically have the exact same answer. “We don’t know but what I can tell you is there are things in the air and we don’t know what they are.”

    Its telling to me that they give almost the same cookie cutter response. As if someone updated them recently “hey, if they ask THIS, you say THIS. And thats it. No more, no less.”

  11. swamy_g says

    “I did not have sexual relationship with that alien”
    – Bill Clinton

  12. bilbo-doggins says

    What’s with all the hinting? I’m so sick of this

  13. _yadayada says

    At first I cringed at the presenters and still did at the guy next to him focused on his apparent book, but I had to laugh at the “do we need to buy ducttape?”

    But yeah, he’s giving the exact same answer as Barack basically.

    Good to see. Thanks for the clip.

  14. camdoodlebop says

    Bill Clinton saying this is all more impressive because he held a press conference about confirming aliens when he was president, when we thought we found a fossil in a martian meteorite (this press conference was used in the movie Contact), and he hasn’t liked talking about this kind of stuff since

  15. javajuicejoe says

    That’s essentially soft confirmation right there.

  16. Fixervince says

    Him an Obama are basically going as far as they think they can without being labelled a nut.

  17. im_da_nice_guy says

    Haha, its happening. Its starting to spread. Really lining up for a big shakeup sometime in the next few months or years. Everyone is shifting the messaging and the Pentagon started a PR campaign with former personnel. Idk what is going on but clearly it is some sort of shift.

  18. suoverg says

    Why did he mention the fact that there are billions of galaxies in the next sentence…

  19. Cookie_Raider11 says

    Look, I think, that if some government agency actually knows/knew there were UFOs… And gave that information to presidents… Then we would know that. I swear, if an agency told Donald Trump that there were aliens, there would be no way he could keep that secret lol. Hence why I believe that presidents don’t get to know the knowledge of UFOs, if in fact the government knows about them.

  20. ThisIsTheNewSleeve says

    Has the UFO press tour officially started, then?

  21. emanresuwoods says

    I am pleased to see UAPs being addressed on the talk shows that normal older folks like to watch like my Baby Boomer mother that kinda rolls her eyes about anything weird.

    Shakespeare’s Hamlet said it best:

    “There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy.”

  22. Boonshark says

    I’m fairly sure that Grant Cameron did a video ages ago where he outlined the steps that would be taken to come out to the public on this and if memory serves, former presidents were part of the process. Just makes sense as it takes the heat off the president himself.

    Biden’s comment to the press was seen as laughing it off, but it’s more likely that only Obama, Clinton and co are the only ones advised to take the bullet at this stage. Therefore he referred comments to Obama.

    Sam Harris mentioned that he was approached to change the conversation on the possibility of ET life, this is all part of this. Clinton wasn’t on this show by accident, he came here with that purpose and achieved it with a mic drop moment.

  23. ic2drop says

    Well, let’s say that all Presidents are briefed into this information. Let’s also say that the brief basically says, “yup, they are real as real can get. We’ve been in contact, etc.”

    They will never be able to talk about it because it’s classified.

    The upcoming release is going to be a heavily redacted unclassified version of a program that no one in the public, or even the vast majority of government workers, are allowed to see.

    This is certainly the “saying without saying” canned response that they are instructed to give. It’s sort of like the “I can neither confirm nor deny” of yesteryear.

  24. chateaumojo says

    He said, “The probability is there’s something you would call life somewhere else.”

    That means there are aliens.

  25. PanderBaby80085 says

    The body language differences between the two sides of the stage are really amusing

  26. PartTimeSassyPants says

    “Do we need to protect ourselves??” The truth is mass hysteria and panic is still a very real deterrent to disclosure. People fear what they don’t understand.

  27. igettoh says

    the fact that they laugh and joke about it so people won’t be in panic means that they’re something that … well… would make people go in panic

  28. Indis96 says

    Bill Clinton basically saying the exact same thing Obama said a while back, interesting…

  29. Santana_Art says

    Imagine if he dropped the “Galactic Federation” bomb, got up and dipped.

  30. theynamedmelogan says

    I love it. Little by little by little “they” will disclose. They are not just going to say it outright. . . they will slowly massage it into the publics minds.

  31. stacks_E says

    So that’s why the U in UAP and UFO is unidentified….

  32. lajos93 says

    The best way to not answer the question “But you’ve seen the data?!” to redirect it: “No one knows”

  33. successful209 says

    What if the government legit has a bunch of videos and clips and data but really just doesn’t know wtf is going on. You can tell they all think it’s Aliens though. Of course they can’t just come out and say it because they can’t prove it. It’s either Aliens, us from the future or different dimensional beings.

  34. bilbo-doggins says

    You know I’m starting to think that sure there is a conspiracy, sure the government may have known something at one time, but honestly they are just such selfish assholes that they found the evidence inconvenient and buried it or destroyed it. They aren’t keeping it from us, it’s literally gone, or in a warehouse somewhere and the only guy who knew the index is long dead. I’m just a few pages into the Ruppelt book, and the very first story was covered up and destroyed by the pilot’s commanding officer just because he was an egotistical bastard that thought the pilot’s story was “crazy”. He just thoughtlessly blew it off and ordered the incident report destroyed. That was that. If Ed Ruppelt hadn’t had been buddies with the colonel of the pilot, the incident would have just been lost.

    I’m coming to believe that this “conspiracy” of hundreds of sightings being denied and discounted doesn’t have an explanation in a true government need or desire, but literally just the disjoint efforts of a lot of stupid, mean, small-minded people with small amounts of power that will eliminate any record of slightly uncomfortable facts just because they find them marginally inconvenient. It’s not going up or down the chain of command, it’s just one admiral or one captain now and then encountering a thing that defies belief, and doesn’t even consider having the courage to take the report up a level. They just dump it back where it came from and say “get back to work, guys”.

  35. dracomatic says

    i aint no expert but im a really good finesser/hustler. I can take context clues in. im really good at picking up what others are putting down. this skill has gotten me a job i was not qualified for on paper, special treatment at work, women and free shit i didnt work hard to get. Breaking down the question and the route bill took in answering it is pretty crazy. they asked about UFOs, NOT about aliens or other life. Bill was the one who steered the convo towards alien lifeforms and the vastness of the universe. For years it was always “ufos dont mean aliens”(which is true) by gov officials. Now you have a former president bringing up other lifeforms when asked about Unidenitfied flying objects. Its a complete 180 imo. Also why are all these former presidents doin these shows so close together? Last week was obama this week bill, next will be bush jr.

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