1. hipsternutrag says

    Pretty sure they’re obligated to duel after that.

  2. Rubber_Lover says

    Anyone know what he says before the slap?

    Edit: “Down with Macron-ism”

  3. Western_Cheesecake_7 says

    How can he slap?

  4. big_rhonda432 says

    Guy pulled him over and said let me give you a bitch slap

  5. FleshlightModel says

    That was the most limp wristed bitch slap I’ve ever seen.

    Love it.

  6. Drfilthymcnasty says

    Smack-re bleu!

  7. bilbobadcat says

    I mean if you’re going to slap someone at least put some dijon on it.

  8. Firebird12301 says

    SMH… Bush would have dodged that

  9. Oneshotkill_2000 says

    The way he slapped him lol

  10. ibarros44 says

    [how can you slap](https://youtu.be/ndX2RFHmMNg)

  11. TheDarkKnight1035 says

    I mean to be fair… Slapping your president is a once in a lifetime opportunity… You GOTTA take it.

  12. Ninnux says

    Name a president who would have jumped over that barrier and beat the shit out of that guy. My money is on Teddy Roosevelt.

  13. Dick_Ancient says

    Imagine being able to slap a president. Probably was satisfying as hell.

  14. versace_tombstone says

    Based on that clean hit, the entire staff should be fired.

  15. JohnPeeve says

    Wait, there’s more, this slap was literaly a pun (in french).

    This happened in a city named “Tain”, and a slap can be called a “tarte” (a pie) in french. So this was a “Tarte à Tain” (A slap in Tain), which sounds like “Tarte Tatin”, a famous french pastry.

  16. sebytro says

    Does anyone know what happened to the slapper? Do they still guillotine people over there?

  17. Kev-1-n says

    Im pretty sure the french hate their government

  18. emynona1 says

    C’est la tarte à Tain

  19. Something-funny-91 says

    I wonder how French prisons are? He’ll find out

  20. TRISPIKE says

    I love how French people aren’t satisfied with politicians EVER and they aren’t afraid to band together and say “fuck you, give us X” …whereas Americans just fight amongst themselves over who their favorite supervillains are.

  21. im-covered-in-feces says

    people joke that the french are cowards in conflict and surrender easily, but they have way more spine and dignity than americans when it comes to standing up to their government.

    the french set police cars on fire if the govt tries to increase the work week from 10 hours to 15, they slap their head of state, they have firefighters knocking out cops; americans rationalize to each other why a minimum wage increase is bad.

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