1. MrJNYC says

    You can reload it, you don’t have to throw the whole gun out.

  2. Errl_Harbor says

    I zoomed in on the deck thinking that was a few more than I could keep up cleaning and then noticed the roof rifles.

  3. felixmkz says

    With that many, they would need a gun safe the size of a warehouse. The kids are probably thinking “that’s my college tuition spent there…”

  4. AHAdanglyparts69 says

    That daughter/wife looks proud

  5. dopebeatsbrant says

    Thats a smoker

  6. MaximillianRebo says

    That’s a lot of guns in the photo pointing at their kids.

  7. rraattbbooyy says

    When you spend more on your fetish than on your family.

  8. Environmental_Bet_17 says

    Looks expensive to be spiteful

  9. athenialia says

    The little girl in the bicycle, not able to ride it and the general imagery of those kids separated from their parents, yet boxed in, says everything.

  10. RandomMexicanGuy07 says

    Bruh are they gonna fight in Iraq or or they are they just there for show

  11. Vulgar_Commander76 says

    I would like to know how long it took them to put those away

  12. Budget_Put3026 says

    Nothing says, “ROB MY FUCKING HOUSE WHEN IM GONE” like putting all your expensive shit out on your front porch.

  13. JustWantGoodM3M3s says

    That’s not even pro second amendment, that’s just stupid

  14. Sk8Boardn2Def says

    also, that lil girl’s bike is way overdue for removing the training wheels.

    Edit: *overdue. (stupid autocorrect)

  15. DemonFromtheNorthSea says

    This looks like the kind of picture that would get the family and all their neighbors drone striked if it was slightly more sandy where they lived.

  16. behavioralpsych says

    I swear I hear banjos

  17. om3ga777 says

    How anyone can think this is normal is beyond me …

  18. JohnathansFilm says

    How is this murdered by words, its just a mild roast

  19. CCtenor says

    I don’t mind showing off collections, but having every member of the family, and the little girl on her bike surrounded by guns, just screams “weapons are my only personality trait.” When this guy blinks, it probably sounds like a .22, and his heart beats must sound like .45 ACPs.

  20. Juggzzzz says

    Seems a little, I don’t know… excessive?

  21. Chadwick8505 says

    Worse yet, in a society that values gun ownership over medical care, they probably won’t be able to afford the shot

  22. Jamal_Deep says

    Save some for the rest of America, Jesus Christ

  23. spaceygracie12 says

    Trying to make up for all they lack with firearms?

  24. Joorge1 says

    Makes you wonder what type of life he is living that he is so scared and needs that many weapons to protect himself.

  25. Swinfog_ says

    I’m for gun rights, know a lot of people who have guns, but this is a lot.

    It looks like when cops do a drug bust on the cartel and they set up for a picture.

  26. MycoMistress says

    I wonder what they are so afraid of

  27. Pornaltio says

    At what point does a collection become a stockpile?

  28. monsterlife17 says

    What the hell is going on with biker girls legs.. It’s probably just picture quality but all I can see is a girl’s torso with Joe Swanson’s legs.

  29. cris090382 says

    If they need that many weapons to hunt they probably have terrible aim.

  30. IAmTheBredman says

    Tell me that’s for protection, I dare you.

  31. eo37 says

    All to fight the government who just use a drone strike

  32. booboojooboo says

    Why are there no gutters/eaves on this house?

  33. Brye580 says

    I never understood people wanting a million guns. You just need a pistol, rifle and shotgun. Now take those three guns and trick them out with all the fancy gadgets you can find. For examples of usefully assembled guns, Google the guns a USPSA shooter uses for three gun competitions.

  34. thejifelife says

    You know, I think they could probably use a few more guns

  35. Maximum_Musician says

    Just begging for a visit from the ATF, and we know how those things go.

  36. Chocolat3City says

    It’s ok to like guns and have them, but *this* is a bit much. And what a money sink…

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