1. CastleOfBravo says

    Well that will repel you from buying it again for sure.

    I had a raccoon eat an entire pack of cigarettes I left outside. Like seriously, they took off the filters and ate all the tobacco. Do you know how nasty that tastes? I swear those things just don’t have taste buds or something.

  2. Throat_Still says

    Says satisfaction guaranteed, have you asked the raccoons their opinion?

  3. AnnieDickledoo says

    This stuff is pretty well-known to be a giant scam to begin with. It’s simply not effective, and in some cases, perhaps yours qualifies, it can actually attract wild animals.

  4. LyphBB says

    They broke in to eat your repellant… might be time to switch brands lol

  5. bassjam1 says

    But did they leave after eating an the repellent?

  6. tiredbike says

    The active ingredients are the same as a day old omelet so I’m not surprised.

  7. tuna_tofu says

    Many years ago we had mice in our apartment. The rental company gave zero shits and told us “they just came in to get warm and will leave in the spring.” That did not please me. We were warned not to use any traps or poisons etc. BUT mice arent cute – they are VERY destructive (lamp cords chewed through, holes in quilts and sweaters, anything paper or cardboard chewed, groceries eaten, etc). So off I went and got baits anyway. I got home late and left the plastic bag of baits on the kitchen counter and went to bed. The next morning it looked like a mouse battlefield with about a dozen dead mousies. They had chewed through the bag and eaten ALL of the baits. And died shortly after where they fell. Rest in peace you little bastards.

  8. Rated-E-For-Erik says

    That is big raccoon energy right there!

  9. TerpBE says

    Where are they now? Gone?

    It worked!

  10. i__dont_have_a_clue_ says

    What a power move

  11. XROOR says

    The Tractor Supply I went to in Maryland, adopted cats to control the mice from getting the dog kibble, bird seed etc…..short time later, the cats realized that high end kibble is easier to acquire than to catch the mice, and clawed at the bags of food!

  12. Chris-0413 says

    Bought that stuff for a couple of Canadian Geese that would not stop crapping all over the place. They brought over their friends. Applied more! More friends!

    What worked- sneaking up on them with a nerf gun and blasting them. Never came back!

  13. degeneratesumbitch says

    Buy a live trap. Put a can of tuna in the back and set it. Next couple of days you should have a trash panda in there.

  14. TimDaTomCarr says

    That’s one badass racoon

  15. Christovsky84 says

    Well, at least now you know not to waste your money on more.

  16. golgon4 says

    Aliens: “Honey, the humans have eaten all the human repellant chili peppers.”

    Humans: ” ¿Cómo Estás? “

  17. worfhill says

    But the deer were not there so….

  18. llama-impregnator says

    Reminds me of the time we were going through spring cleaning in the shed and found all kinds of dead mice everywhere. Kinda strange, given that we normally have to take everything out and destroy the nests and shoo/kill the live ones. Get to the back of the shed where we found the mice had broken into a closed container that held mouse poison – we buy that brand every year now.

  19. Gangreless says

    Cloves, garlic, and rotten eggs sounds like a gourmet meal to raccoons.

  20. mongo636 says

    Alpha mode engaged!!!

  21. LordZombie14 says

    Showing dominance alright.

  22. Redditusername00001 says

    Are you sure it’s not rats

  23. mrnedm says

    To be fair, they left after eating the repellant

  24. crosseyed_cricket says

    They were sending a message. Just give them the garage.

  25. disco-vorcha says

    Are there raccoons in your garage now? If there are no raccoons, then you can’t say for sure that the repellent doesn’t work, and therefore you must rate your experience as ‘extremely satisfying’. Maybe ‘very satisfying’, since the packaging doesn’t include that the repellent is consumed by use and thus requires periodic replacement.

  26. Daripuff says

    I mean… People enjoy hot peppers, when capsaicin was evolved specifically as “mammal repellant”…

  27. AlexJ302 says

    If the product actually works, they wouldn’t sell more.

    *Taps head*

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