1. MuddaPuckPace says

    The look of disbelief would’ve been more appropriate if he actually made it.

  2. JacksNephew says

    That look said “Crap, that’s the same thing that happened the last time I tried it.”

  3. redsensei777 says

    Full Scorpion, indoor league.

  4. Deranged40 says

    Looks like the bike rode him down that second set

  5. malamiteltd says

    Is the bike okay?

  6. nasanchez1 says

    Yes! Stuck the landing like a professional ass buster.

  7. Xoduszero says

    I 100% thought he was gonna hit his head on the overhang… somehow probably alcohol related he looked mostly unharmed even though he went /r/FullScorpion

  8. Hokusai516 says

    Look at the existing dents on that door. This wasn’t their first attempt. Lol

  9. FixMy106 says

    Shoe came off. He ded.

  10. Reasonable_Guava8079 says

    He even looks like an idiot.

  11. jbertrand_sr says

    Was there any other possible outcome?

  12. Txedomoon says

    And shave that treasure trail, you look like a 12-year old Dutch girl. (No slight toward the Dutch intended.)

  13. transmaniacon-MC says

    He looked high af!

  14. ZeraTM says

    Evil kinevil

  15. PeopleRtheproblem says

    “I’m in college…why are apartments so expensive?!”

  16. ghostsslime says

    I did that when i was a toddler and i got a weird scar on my eyebrow.

  17. Unluckyduck-e says

    He looks shocked…

  18. gdmfr says

    Rollin down the stairs doing endos, imagine my disbelief

  19. YoutuberCameronBallZ says

    There’s a reason it’s called a flight of stairs instead of climb of stairs

  20. evoIV_FTW says

    That look of disbelief when you fall up the stairs.

  21. honeymustard_dog says

    Ok so I legit had a friend in college do this, he broke his neck and was paralyzed from the chest down. Down fucking ever do this

  22. cesarer92 says

    I was very lucky. I did this stupid shit a lot of times as a kid and I never fell.

  23. Progressiveandfiscal says

    Dropper Post bro, get one.

  24. ryujinkook says

    lucky he didnt kill himself doing that shit… ppl have died from less with stairs

  25. Jim_and_Nic says

    I thought he was riding upstairs for a sec lol

  26. Mitrovarr says

    He landed straight on his head! How the hell is he still conscious?

  27. brbaca says

    He’s got the holy shit I almost died face.

  28. AbracaDaniel21 says


  29. Olising says

    Bruh for some reason this looked like the guy was trying to ride UP stairs and I was so confused when he and the bike began to fly up the stairs. Lol

  30. ParsleyOk8149 says

    The perspective made me think he fell up the stairs, which gave me a look of disbelief.

  31. ShowMeYourMoods says

    That’s the look of brain damage, not disbelief…

  32. JakeTheSandMan says


  33. MrProficient says

    Sigh….. White people 😑

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