1. BatJ1zz says

    Biker —> Hiker

  2. prescribo says


  3. BAMERBAMER says

    Guess I’m walking.

  4. doctordowntown99 says

    Now he doesn’t have to worry about how to get that troublesome bike off the mountain

  5. Captain_skulls says

    The bike wanted to take a shortcut

  6. Tinkers_toenail says

    That’s someone who doesn’t have 10% of the skills needed to ride a bike down a hill like that.

  7. iowamechanic30 says

    The mountain bike returned to it’s natural habitat.

  8. dr_skittlefarts says

    He’s lucky he only lost his bike after that bonehead stunt

  9. SuicidebySocialism says

    Better the bike than the rider ig

  10. jstange1 says

    $7k down the mountain

  11. whodathotit says

    Needs to drop the seat and hang as far back as possible over the back wheel going down steps like that. And feather the front brake. Never, ever grab a fucking handful!

  12. jbertrand_sr says

    Guys lucky he didn’t go with the bike…

  13. rvadom says

    Whew! Freaky!

    Also SEAT needs to be all the way down on a decending ride. It serves no use to keep your butt up high 🙁

  14. aayush115 says

    I’ve tried to ride by bike down these really flat ass steps and it’s the scariest shit I’ve ever done, it feels scarier than it looks

  15. Dang44 says

    You don’t get to cry over your bike my friend, those are the risks… be glad you are still alive

  16. zenukeify says

    Believe it or not people can actually do that. Not this guy tho

  17. spktr9857 says

    And thanks for all the fish!

  18. dobermandude306 says

    Be glad that it was just the bike that went over that edge….

  19. varro-reatinus says

    ‘My bike people need me…’

  20. Afraid_Condition_267 says

    That I’ll pucker up a butthole quick

  21. flyguysd says

    Of course that happened his center of gravity was way too high and forward. Clearly an amateur who had no business on that trail

  22. grate_spellur says

    Queue UNK’s song, Walk It Out

  23. totallylambert says

    Enjoy the hike! And the view!

  24. Kn0tnatural says

    Gotta walk down those steps in shame either way

  25. gwhitt32 says

    Shit my ride left me

  26. oneclumsybear says

    Staring at what could have been.

  27. HALF_PAST_HOLE says


  28. ValHova22 says

    Hope he bought that bike from Wal-Mart but I know he paid a few thousand for it

  29. FormCheck655321 says

    “This is a mountain bike, I’m riding it on a mountain, don’t act like I’m doing something wrong here!”

  30. Fiji-Refugee says

    Been there. Done that.

    Sometimes you win. sometimes you lose.

  31. johnarmysf123 says

    Guess he’s walking now

  32. BDJ10028 says

    Is there a bot that can cut off the bars on the side and turn this into a gif?

  33. matanpokoj2 says


  34. Laughlan58 says

    Well that’s $5000 down the drain, big oof

  35. Bastvino says

    Did you see that ghost ride! Incredible.

  36. fallen_idle says

    Let it go, let it gooooo!

  37. randomlife2050 says

    That bike was probably 5k too

  38. Scipio33 says

    Nice throw! Good distance.

  39. Attractor45 says

    In reviewing this a couple of times, I think his issues were : 1.) he was going way too fast 2.) not sure if he was using front brake 3.) the step he went over on looked like a brick was curving upwards causing the front tire to get caught and do that ridiculous endo 4.) leaning forward a tad bit too much 5.) an over-assessment of his skills.

  40. UncertainlyUnfunny says

    I bet they wheelie regretted that.

  41. apricotsalad101 says

    Could have been way worse than losing the bike

  42. zonker777 says

    Shouldn’t have skipped physics class

  43. Kath-two says

    How to lose $5k

  44. heehmonster says

    That could’ve gone much, much worse.

  45. General_Grievous71 says

    Hey give the guy a “break”

  46. Dan_Glebitz says

    At least he does not have to ride it down now. It will be there at the bottom waiting for him.

  47. Silage573 says

    That’s a long walk down while you watch everybody else bike.

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