1. cwanger says

    same shit different toilet paper

  2. warrigadigdig says

    colemans creek, great place

    1400yd range if i remeber right.

    they also have a 1300, 1 mile, 700, 300, 2x 100 and a bunch of bays.

    also a shit load of offroading trails

  3. NetJnkie says

    I always upvote Coleman’s Creek. Grabbed some more 6.5CM to I need to head back out.

  4. wlewhitney says

    What spotter scope are you using there?

  5. AH_5ek5hun8 says

    What state is this?

  6. MoseSchrutee says

    This is not public its a private club. Have to pay yearly.

  7. fireman_vet says

    How far out does the range go?

  8. ThisIsMyHill82 says

    Does anyone know of a place like this near georgia?

  9. EgregiousDeviation says

    I heard about this range from some guys at my FFL and want to get into long range. Do you know if they’re taking members? I live in Huntersville.

  10. JayDub506 says

    Shit, is there a public range like this in Montana?

  11. Uconn99041114 says

    oh wow sweet that place is only 1.5 hous from Rock Hill (folks live there part of the year). Now if only my guns were there too….

  12. K1NGxAD1O says

    Do patrons of the bed and breakfast get access to the range?

  13. likeafuzzyderp says

    How do you like your BMP?

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