1. Hyebone3 says

    Best crossover post

  2. Bug_Man-2017 says

    How’s that for a slice of fried gold?

  3. jneum80 says

    You got red on you.

  4. Antonia_22 says

    “Anakin, kill the count!”


    “The sith!”

  5. blitoga says

    Obi Wan: Youngling when is your birthday?

    Younglin: 22nd of February

    OW: which year?

    Y: every year

  6. niceegg420 says

    Isn’t that what Grogu did?

  7. CommissarKordoshkyPC says

    That one cracked me right up!

  8. Kalaam_Nozalys says

    Those deaths were all for the greater good.

  9. Dr_WallaceBreen says

    No luck catching them bounty hunters then?

  10. Dux-El52 says

    Anakin: He is NOT my boyfriend!

    Sheev: I have the power to save the one you love.

    Anakin: Thanks, babe.

  11. carlpoppa618 says

    AYY! cornetto trilogy meme!

  12. THACC- says

    Womp rats CAN look up

  13. Refreshingly_Meh says

    Palpatine: General Kenobi was an excellent Jedi. Truly exceptional, but he’s got something you haven’t got Anakin.

    Anakin: What’s that, Chancellor?

    Palpatine: A Great Big Bushy Beard!

  14. EpitomyHD says

    Anakin: Nice one, Ahsoka.

    Ahsoka: Nothing like a bit of girl on girl!

  15. slutcouple420 says

    The real cross-over that no one knew they needed!

  16. hippopotma_gandhi says

    Casual reminder that he voiced Dengar in CW and some character in the sequels

  17. Formal-Bit-787 says

    “Sorry Phillip”

  18. CloudRider99 says

    In the name of the Galactic Senate you’re under arrest for under age drinking.


    Not yet

  19. Beldierk says

    Can I get, you poodooos, a drink!?

  20. TheGodOfGravy says

    I’m just picturing the scene on Mustafar right before the Anakin/Obi-Wan duel, where Padme and Anakin argue and Obi-Wan gets off the ship yelling “It’s 4 in the fucking morning!”

  21. MiNtDrAgOn4 says

    Fucking loved that film

  22. Moist-Zombie says

    We need a sub dedicated to Hot Fuzz memes

  23. Olliebkl says

    And the front door is open…AGAIN!!

  24. trailer8k says

    execute order 66

  25. RepostSleuthBot says

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  26. Arthillidan says

    Is this a cornetto trilogy reference?

  27. The_Kid_1999 says

    Take speeder,

    Grab Mum

    Take care of Obi Wan, “sorry”

    Go to Padme’s

    Have a cup of tea and wait for all this to blow over.

    Why do we have to go to Padme’s.

    Cause i still love her

    Alright, Gay!

  28. internetlad says

    Top left

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