1. UoFSlim says

    I think it’s important to note that she was “banned” for all of 2 games. The title makes it sound like a lifetime thing. Perhaps suspended would’ve been more accurate.

  2. rich4pres says

    The other players and the coach also did it. Why just her?

  3. Choppergold says

    Serbs her right

  4. blockwart563 says

    Why only her? The other player reacted with the same gesture

  5. KarmaFuhrer says

    >Apology from Serbia team describes June 1 match incident as ‘a simple misunderstanding’ and ‘please, don’t blow out of proportion’

    aka they don’t give a fuck, lol

  6. thewafflestompa says

    Another article I read, the girl said she didn’t mean to be offensive, but meant it to tell her team mates they were now to play defense like the other team.

    That bullshit excuse makes it even worse.

  7. dp79 says

    Reminds me of the Spain national team:


  8. sulli175 says

    It wasn’t a mistake she knew what she was doing

  9. CristoManuelo says

    Nothing shows remorse more than apologizing then demanding that people do not blow it out of proportion lol

  10. zeth07 says

    There’s a picture of all of them doing it so what’s up with that?

  11. KingofKings180 says

    I think r/Astros should know a thing or two about this

  12. Mfipadaccount says

    So, is this kind of racism just normal in Serbian culture? They all posed for a team photo doing this! Why????

  13. Issac407 says

    Why do people around the globe think it’s ok to mock Asians so openly?

  14. litigatorlife says

    “Temporarily suspended for two games”

  15. Nateltt says

    Racism so normalised these days against Asians especially in sports, gets me down man 😓

  16. ihatemakinthese says

    But the whole team was pictured making the same gesture

  17. Emperor_Leto says

    If some Americans think America is racist, they haven’t been to Europe. Those people are hardcore racist. That’s what you get when you have so many different nations and culture all in close proximity. I remember the story of Mario Balotelli. He’s an Italian soccer player born in Sicily to Ghanaian parents. He had very dark skin. Despite being Italian and playing for the Italian national team, the Italian fans still hurled racial slurs at the guy!

  18. zaraza11 says

    Only 2 matches against Canada and Belgium. That’s the weaker teams.

  19. JonstheSquire says

    10 years ago I would have said the woman likely did not know better but there have been so many instances of Europeans doing this and getting in trouble for exactly this they should know better.

  20. NoodleRocket says

    This is childish, I mean in Asia, only kids do this insult. Apparently, on other parts of the world, they still do it even as adults.

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