1. TeamDR34M says

    As a kid I never knew what mopar meant or why the hell there were random cars in the background.

  2. Kinky_Arrow says

    I remember clicking like a door and getting 99 str instantly. Also managed to kill the owner of a server and getting his perfect ring. Which made it possible to insta kill everyone. Fun times

  3. royal_dump says

    ::pickup 1047 9999999

  4. BenBoje says

    I remember one I played once where blood runes turned in to ecto tokens and I couldn’t work out why I had no blood runes.

    Not that it mattered, didn’t need any runes to cast spells anyway.

  5. TheFridge07 says

    After all these years I still remember that ::item 995 is gp.

  6. frogwithafoodtruck says

    anyone remember frugoo scape?

  7. honekonek0 says

    I forgot this ever existed, wow.

  8. CheesecakeGlobal3534 says

    Ft. Doom soundtracks

    If you know you know

  9. skiemlord says

    Anyone played silab garza too?

    Edit: ty for the reward lmao

  10. SlurpinUpMyDadsCum says

    Did anybody play on the Near Reality p server?


    somehow playing this got me in trouble with my parents when i was 11

  12. SilencioPseudonymous says

    Some memories are meant to stay buried.

  13. TheDylbird says

    Fuck, it’s been a while.

  14. slackbishop says

    Dodian anyone?

  15. fessuoy says

    Where my Deltascape stans at?

  16. GreenBayBootyRusher says

    Dodian was the best

    Thanks for the memories op

  17. jtrdrew says

    You just made me miss BattleScape 🙁

  18. Teenoc says

    Any Frugooscapers?

  19. Been_The_Man says

    Thnks fr th mmrs

  20. CoXisLife says

    BattleScape Isles and 317 were the best servers of all time. Hands down.

  21. CannibalTheHecter says

    Godzhell stans?

  22. _helik0pter says

    Funscap3 lol spawning with red phat and redmask and zammy robes on and not seeing half the items because the client didnt support it

  23. carsismeZ06 says

    No loballs i know what i got

  24. succulint says

    It’s nice knowing everyone was just as confused or still confused on what the fuck Mopar even means

  25. BDC_Arvak says

    Took me BACK, poor 12 yo me tryna play RS with no money. F2P has always sucked

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