1. Mike_Hat1 says

    This species of tree is a Buster Douglas Fir.

  2. Diresword says

    Tree was like “look down” *boop got your nose

  3. gonzalomango says

    Really like yo peaches, wanna shake yo tree!!!

  4. surfing_prof says

    That’s how kids learn. Well, some kids

  5. naveensha00 says

    The gaudrians of the galaxy teaser looks promising

  6. KocaKolaKlassic says

    Nice uppercut. Float like a butterfly, sting like a tree

  7. adam_lorenz927 says

    The tree gave him a Tiger Uppercut!

  8. Tank-Pilot74 says

    “Fuck off human.”

  9. AKchaos49 says

    The Slapping Tree

  10. Lucky_charm_killer says

    Kids are fucking stupid.

  11. AzkabanResident says

    That was just a high five..

  12. Kindly_Recording_322 says

    In Mother Russia, Tree slaps back…

  13. jojoro97 says

    You got something on your chest

  14. motorcitysmitty10 says

    Right after this, walking home, he stuck his tongue to a metal pole on a triple dog dare!!!

  15. DM_Me_Ur_Nudes_21 says

    I’m pretty sure , he just trolled us all and he actually faked that hit

  16. Gymnastzero says

    Perfect form pine.

  17. Bucket-Of-Noises says

    This is how/why artificial intelligence will take over

  18. Jackthedog130 says

    Mess with nature, it’s apt to be defensive…

  19. stefan92293 says


  20. Sinnohgirl765 says

    A wild trevenant appeared

  21. _Cosmic_Joke_ says

    He got birch-slapped.

  22. antsugi says

    Where’s Captain Disillusion when you need him?!

  23. hejMao says

    Like my uncles D

  24. lauraloo2 says

    I’m thinking this was set up. Notice before he starts shaking the branch the snow is already off.

  25. flyinhawaiianbaker says

    Was this at Hogwarts?

  26. DavitoDaCosta says


  27. Grimwolf-77 says

    My dude got KO by a tree

  28. flybarger says

    a subreddit called idiots fighting things? and joined.

  29. YuBisTheMemeLord says

    When it hits his face: Whapoosh! Top of the mornin to ya laddies, my name is jacksepticeye!!

  30. ObjectiveWeek1293 says

    Tree1 person0

  31. Captain_skulls says

    Imagine being backhanded by a tree after giving them a firm handshake

  32. zabkasamelegen says

    Strike him centurion very roughly!

  33. SixGunChimp says

    Well, there’s nothing better than a fart. Except kids hitting themselves in the face with tree branches, maybe. Fuck, I could watch kids hitting themselves in the face with tree branches all day, I don’t give a shit about your kids.

  34. RongoNZ says

    Ha! Sums up human kinds relationship with nature perfectly

  35. MarcinKaneda says

    Tree: Hey kid, you have something on your jacket

  36. MicAndy88 says

    Kid: This is awesome, give me some more!

    Giving tree: I’ll give you something you little shit. (Whack)

  37. kvjetinacek says

    Jokes on you. He already shows Mayweather and Neymar skills.

  38. lil_meme1o1 says

    This is about as real as WWE

  39. remelaneom1234 says

    Imagine being bitch slapped by a branch of tree

  40. dlussin says

    Trees like, “you have something on your shirt…sike.”

  41. Spookywolf45 says


  42. KjCreed says

    That’s not how you get maple syrup

  43. LittleCaesar3 says

    After decades of unsuccessful advocacy, the Lorax adopted a more … proactive form of protest.

  44. flappa102 says


  45. svstonefree says

    That was an Ent.

  46. bannedprincessny says

    that is adorable

  47. timmytwobluntz says

    Tree *Make stooges noises “Wise Guy ehh..”

  48. RomanaOswin says

    This is part of every childhood. If you didn’t get to experience stuff like this, you weren’t really doing it right.

  49. BigDaddyRoch says

    “Hey you have something on your shirt”

  50. cjheaney says

    Are you saying my pine cones aren’t what they should be???

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