1. GrizzKarizz says

    I’ve never understood the need to upgrade phones. If it works for you, then cool. I know forced obsolescence is a thing and some companies like here in Japan work it so one almost has to upgrade every two years (yes, for some reason they make it cheaper to do so), but again if a phone works for you, then why the stigma of using an old phone?

  2. Katweb88 says

    I say he was the lucky one.

  3. Vacation_Glad says

    By the way, can you weird apple people somehow tell the model of the phone someone is holding at a distance?

  4. TruGamer732 says

    I used to carry a IPhone 4 last year and my friends would look at me like “imagine being this poor” and I would respond with “imagine relying on other’s looks and belongings to give yours a better image”.

    Like fr, I am not obligated to buy a new IPhone every year, not to mention Iphone X, 11 and 12 are literally the same thing.

    I am a Android user now and I still get those “lol imagine being this poor”, I really don’t care, buy whatever suits you the most.

  5. TrashyDrawinges says

    I just feel sorry for her, she possibly won’t ever find a partner if she still thinks like this…

  6. kL2hGHMyqMsmcx9u says

    I can’t wait to see her post when her boyfriend dumps her for a younger model.

    How’s that commitment to an iphone 6 looking now?

  7. Aced_By_Chasey says

    This pic is like 4 yrs old so the 6 wasn’t even old then

  8. floghdraki says

    is this some joke i’m too european to understand?

  9. Large-Lettuce-1273 says

    what’s wrong with an iphone 6 lol

  10. benis444 says

    I keep my phone as long as it’s working. And I don’t like the new phones they are gigantic nowdays

  11. Rufoid says

    The US public transport system is so abysmal that you get publicly shamed for using it

  12. chnapik says

    anything against public transport? is it bad? sometimes it’s even better than own car.

  13. vzb227 says

    Whats the problem with a bus?

  14. tox1cugrin says

    Who needs to upgrade phones so frequently? Ive been using iphone 5s up until 2020 and id still use it if battery didnt die

  15. MyNameIsUrMom says

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  16. bhexca says

    “I am no longer interested in you after discovering that you do not fanatically consume product”

  17. Tobias---Funke says

    I also have a 6.

  18. SamuelPepys_ says

    I had an iPhone 3gs for 8 years. Wprked great the whole time. Now I’ve got a p20 pro that I’ll probably have for at least 4 years if things go my way.

  19. NationalTeamFootball says

    My who rides the bus and has an iPhone 6: 👁👄👁

  20. ApemanApey69 says

    the difference between how an iphone 6 (with a case on) and an iPhone 8 (again, with a case on) is literally unnoticeable.

  21. Straky04 says

    Yeah, but he has an iphone 6 ;-;

  22. GreenEyedGirl0318 says

    I still have an iPhone 6 🥲

  23. XDmod_2 says

    Who rides the bus in 2021💀🤡

  24. bruce27ryder says

    why do i feel like some straight neckbeard made the first tweet

  25. Vacation_Glad says

    Glad to use cheap old phones if it keeps the status conscious away…

  26. MafiaMommaBruno says

    I feel for them. An iPhone 6?

    Androids or nothing. 😹

  27. Truesnake says

    Iphone 6 – The Thot repellent.

  28. erosonradar says

    What’s wrong with the bus? She could choose not to drive.

  29. Any-Geologist636 says

    What an American sentiment

  30. einRoboter says

    whats wrong with being on a bus?

  31. scottishguy2001 says

    How much times is this gonna get reposted lmao

  32. AquaticDim says


  33. ffnj88 says

    I also dislike apple and buses.

  34. AprilBoi says

    oh goddamn

  35. greyshirttiger says

    I have an iphone 6

  36. Sticky_Charitard says

    Maybe he just likes to be able to plug his headphones into his phone.

  37. mcsassy3 says

    I only upgraded my phone recently from an iPhone 6 to the SE2 because the battery was literally on the verge of physically exploding.

    Before that, I had the RAZR for like 6 or 7 years…this is my third phone in like 2 decades lol

  38. Sotumney says

    Fuck you, I’m using a Nokia.

    A modern one.

  39. _just_kidding_ says

    nailed it 😀

  40. dcxiii says

    iPhone 6 is indistinguishable from the 6s except for the ‘6s’ on the back. The 6s will still receive at least another year of updates into 2022. That phone could still be perfectly supported for another year at least!

  41. AH_Med086 says

    This should be on r/facepalm

  42. Tesseract556 says

    I’m using my old iPhone 6 right now while my Pixel 4xl gets repaired

  43. D3monicR3qui3M says

    I have an iPhone 6. I got it for $30 bucks a few years back! It works perfectly! Stop wasting money just to show off new tech that will be “outdated” in just six months. That’s dumb.

  44. DehBoi2000 says

    Advice: don’t buy an iPhone

  45. flashbolt007 says

    why do girls always follow money and never care about the feelings of men

  46. un0ne says

    I remember seeing this post like 2 years back

  47. JustJoinAUnion says

    do people really think the bus is just for poor people or something.

    that’s fucked up

  48. diwikg says

    I still use iPhone 7 that I bought in 2016. And i love it

  49. Ok-Lingonberry-2079 says

    I still use my 2 year old phone and it works perfectly, no need to change it yet.

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