1. Lewca43 says

    Had a c-section and my husband was in the room but we both knew his limits. The shield stayed up and he politely declined both peeking over and cutting the cord. Because of anesthesia complications they had already started when they brought them in and he had to step over the drain tube. That apparently still haunts him 16 years later.

  2. Med_Jed says

    His reaction was like those cats who do the gagging when they smell something like cheese or a pickle

  3. gerkiwimurcan says

    That lady is in so much pain, then she sees him gag and laughs. That’s strangely enough quite a sweet moment.

  4. Bambini18 says

    It was an honest reaction. His wife even laughed at him. Made me chuckle as well. 🙂

  5. greatauror28 says

    I’ve seen my wife having c-section twice. It’s amazing how hard/rubber the skin/muscles as they’re literally tugging hard for it to open to get the baby out.

  6. MarvinParanoAndroid says

    This is the easiest part for him.

  7. lonewolfinthedark says

    At least he made her smile

  8. CourageOfOthers says

    My wife lost 2 litres of blood with our son and they struggled to stop the bleeding. Imagine pouring 2 litres of coke onto a polished floor. It was mind blowing. They took her to theatre and left me in that room with the baby. I couldn’t even get out because there was no path to the door without blood. I cried. It was too overwhelming. Everyone was fine in the end but if you don’t like blood then it’s a wild ride.

  9. I_love_cheese69 says

    Hey at least it probably lightened the mood

  10. JigZawP says

    The risk he took was calculated, but he is bad at math.

  11. 2Alien4Earth says

    I pretty much did the same thing when my son was born. I took a look and instantly got sick. My respect to women because holy fucking shit. Doctor had me step aside.

  12. TrevionTX says

    I 💯 relate to this. Not the gagging part, but when our first came
    Into this earth, I was holding My wife’s hand in support, and watching everything going on. When our daughter crowned and the ripping happened I was traumatized. Like had dreams about it for a few weeks. Not even a “is that gonna go back to normal” but a “is she going to bleed out!?” Reaction. I supported my wife and kept my eyes on her until the gore was over with our second.

    Edit: Also wanted to add that women are amazing. My wife decided that she wanted to do it (birthing) all natural and I have admired her in a different light since. The full zen that she hit was incredible to behold. No screaming, no tears (until holding our babies), no cussing at me, just all breath control and pushing when instructed to. So, drugs or natural, you ladies that have given birth have my respect and admiration.

  13. Jyiiga says

    On the plus side she forgot about the pain for 1 second and laughed at his silly ass.

  14. legoburneraccount says

    What did he think was happening down there?

  15. Kurayamino says

    A friend of the family used to be a butcher and at the birth of his daughter was leaning right in “You cutting with or against the grain?”

  16. GreenMamba559 says

    I’ll never forget this snips or scissors the doc used to cut my wife’s vajayjay to help my sons jimmy neutron head get out. Just so easily and nonchalantly snips like an inch to help with the crowning. My wtf look was priceless. Like the skin just cut like a hot knife through butter. So trippy

  17. Ok-Sample7393 says

    My wife delivered in June last year, I was in the room with my wife. From home to hospital to delivery, my wife took 3 hours. I didn’t have enough time to prepare mentally. The amount of pain women go through labor is just out of this world. I have literally seen my wife’s face change permanently due to the screams and pain. She squeezed my hand so hard while doing her very best and that didn’t hurt as much as looking at her in pain did. To all the awesome women who do this – (in Keanu Reeves voice) You’re beautiful.

  18. acidhax says

    Doctor asked me to hold her legs. I looked down, and saw a bloody gaping hole.

    I turned white, dropped her legs, ran to the bathroom, shit myself and passed out

  19. ohlalalafemmee says

    Lol still very grateful my husband never took a gander at that crucial moment

  20. zach84nuts says

    Yup first kid doc said I could touch her head as she was coming out. I kindly passed and kept shoveling ice chips in my wifes mouth. I went out and told the fam before all the other goods came out. #2 was c section and all I had was a monster energy drink I glanced on the other side of the sheet and wife holding my hand says doc he is gonna pass out haha I didn’t pass out but the damp clothe and seat they gave me helped haha such a sissy I am

  21. VeryStickyPastry says

    My husband didn’t know that when the baby is born vaginally it will have kind of a cone head and he got creeped out. He didnt say anything after our son was born except pat me on the shoulder and “congratulations” 🙃

  22. blackmambaza says

    This guy now does anal, exclusively.

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