1. do_z_fandango says

    Eat it public infrastructure!

  2. toeofcamell says

    You can now enter into the sewers as you have appeased the turtle God

  3. Pickle_Baller says

    Why are there holes on the ground

  4. Speedy-McLeadfoot says

    His face though.

  5. Narrow-Present893 says

    Both those guys have the same expression. Haha

  6. theamazighspiderman says

    bottle: this is my hole…

  7. I_Am_Slightly_Evil says


  8. tartestfart says

    pauly shore lookin good

  9. Tudyks says

    He shortly succumbed to dehydration, leaving behind 2 confused parents and a chewed on skateboard, for in his delirium he thought his skateboard looked, “Kinda yummy looking “.

  10. angryaboutfrostys says

    How old is this video and is this dude single lol

  11. drslayer25 says


  12. brrt69 says

    someone in china just got bonked in the head with that

  13. SnakeBeardTheGreat says

    How many times did he try this before he made it?

  14. Tugmytitties says


  15. leericol says

    My luck this would happen to me but nobody would film it

  16. stevesagod says

    Unexpected would be him getting hit by a bike afterwards

  17. Killa_Manja_Roo says

    The Death Star shot.

  18. DaDdys_here_ says

    I was hoping it’d come back from the sky and hit his head but it sure was good lmao

  19. iWentRogue says

    Welp, there goes all the pussy

  20. Holy_Shamoley says

    That bottle just vented

  21. RedditRidi says

    I’m sitting here trying to figure out if this young man has no teeth…

  22. SonicTheSSJNinja says


  23. CaptainReginaldLong says

    Pretty sure the Earth is going to collapse in on itself soon.

  24. cessaarr20 says

    This guy FUCKS

  25. Lt_Dickballs says

    Gotta love throwing trash into irretrievable places

  26. jaybram24 says


  27. Wallflower00785 says

    The happiness!!!!!

  28. NancyTallant29 says

    Even if the guy wasn’t a plant, right?

  29. Hentai_samurai01 says

    Is that Steve jobs in the back?

  30. loopie35 says

    Can we see that in reverse?

  31. SleepWithNoEyesOpen says

    Seeing my Richmond office building in the background was double unexpected

  32. Technically-perhaps says


  33. lemondropy123 says

    Clearly he didn’t expect to get it in that easy

  34. MyWitchDr says

    Love the reaction

  35. sharkdog5938 says

    That water bottle really be like ight I’m ahead out

  36. aliblank says


  37. Redd_Baby says

    Goes right to the Bay, douche

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