1. AuContraireRodders says

    I really don’t understand where these hiring managers get this idea that it’s acceptable to offer shit or no wages for high experience candidates

    I mean on a serious level, how do they write this shit and go “hmmm, yep, this is totally acceptable”

  2. midgetdwarf69 says

    Startup bro looking for slave labour hell yeeeeeeee 😎😎😎😎😎😎


    dm me for deets

  3. theJoyfulGeek says

    *Image Transcription: Message*


    I am looking for PowerBl interns for a period of 3 months. Candidates need to be experts in M Query, DAX and knowledge of powerbi deployment and testing.

    DM me for more details

    ^^I’m a human volunteer content transcriber for Reddit and you could be too! [If you’d like more information on what we do and why we do it, click here!](https://www.reddit.com/r/TranscribersOfReddit/wiki/index)

  4. Any_Woodpecker_7457 says

    “How about we do a trade?”

    “Absolutely! Trade sounds good!”

    “Excellent! I’ll trade my services for your money.”

  5. Mobile_Busy says



    pick one

  6. lenswipe says



    DM me for more details

  7. sebytro says

    Some do it because it’s super easy for them, almost no effort. A buddy of mine got an internship at my company in a scripting team. He’s a super talented coder so it struck me very odd. When I asked him why he is getting no salary for doing work that he already knows, he said it gives him access to the company’s lab and he can test his thesis code on those machines.

  8. 0valtine_Jenkins says

    This is very similar to the job I currently have and in the US should pay 45k+ a year. Insane that they are trying to get this for free

  9. ChefChePage says

    No reputable company is going to say: DM me for details. Nice try Burger King…..

  10. shirtlessin1stclass says

    When Universities got in bed with businesses and required their students to complete internships to finish their degrees so that companies could get cheap educated labor

  11. e-cola says

    Yes. I am a student with a based opinion, vision and passion for Dax, MQuery and PowerBI, that since becoming enlightened by their wisdom at my age of 11, i have solely dedicated my entire teenage life and college years to master only the art of these three specifuc platforms to dedicate my rest of the life as a DAX/MQuery/PowerBI whisperer and evangelist in the industry.

    and i will be willing to do work for 3 months as an intern to discuss and share this vision and passion you probably are not interested getting to know anyway.

  12. BU_Milksteak says

    Probably unpaid lol

  13. kerrymk says

    Read: I need free labor.

  14. Salt_Ebb777 says

    It seems like a lot of these postings are for computer based positions. I work in construction management and it is not like this by a long shot. Since teachers have pushed STEM as the only path there is not a giant surplus of qualified construction managers. A lot of these companies offer paid internships at $20+/hr and then roll you right into field engineer positions at $70k+ and you get fairly regular promotions. I myself barely made it past high school and became a union plumber. After ten years I was making $140k doing commercial work when I began going to college to get a degree in construction management. I only had to take 9 classes because my apprenticeship courses we applicable as credit. I left the union for a job as a superintendent at a large GC (general contractor) and did not have to do anything but a one hour interview. My background in plumbing and general exposure to all of the various building systems meant I did not have to go the traditional route to get a good semi-white collar job. Everyone looks down on the construction industry but my boss used to be an iron worker and literally just bought a goddam yacht. There is a lot of money in this industry if you want to work for it.
    I am not knocking the struggle here, but part of this problem is that everybody on here seems to be in sort of the same industry, and the employers use that to their advantage. For every person rejecting to apply there are probably 10 more willing to jump through whatever hoops they need to. It’s a supply and demand issue, and the balance is off.

  15. Bodark says

    “I need a consultant/contractor to come work on a project for a business. This is a reasonably legitimate request considering we have no need to hire a full time employee long-term, so we are willing to bring in a specialist temporarily to work on this project. What is unreasonable however, is the fact that we are either unwilling, or unable (or both) to actually pay that person what the job is worth. Instead we would like someone to do the job, but then allow us to pay them as if they were an entry-level person and if you complain about it, then we can just fall back on the fact that we’re calling this an ‘internship’.”

  16. strawberryheats says

    was denied during an interview cause i truthfully said i never used a certain software mind u i have been in i.t. for 6 + years now lol

  17. meanwhileinvermont says

    Damn, thought this was r/bi_irl

  18. MyDummyAccountHere says

    Is intern = no pay? Very curious why this appears to be everyone’s assumption in this thread.

  19. minecraft1984 says

    what he needs is freelance consultants, but not pay them their expensive daily rates.

  20. Rakathu says

    As someone who has power bi experience, this is hilarious

  21. BidAccording9840 says

    Pimps will be pimps; hoes will be hoes.

  22. FlyPartsGuyCo says

    Pisses you off huh? Don’t like eh? Worried that such a rat race will lead to a downward spiral where we are all serfs again huh? Not if you organize. Google labor unions – yes professional jobs, contractors, etc can do it too.

  23. hellodeveloper says

    Lol – I was one of the first PMs on Power BI and helped build what’s known today (the web and desktop suite). When I joined, Power BI was still an excel addin that we were converting.

    Ten bucks says I don’t have enough experience.

  24. mr-louzhu says

    “Hi, I’m looking for a senior software developer. Must work for free!”

  25. TorrentNot20 says

    I’m a MechE major and literally got turned down for a biomechanical internship at a tiny company because I both didn’t have prior experience in the field and didn’t understand that this position is *only* for biomechanical majors.

  26. PooksterPC says

    When did experts need internships? Any time after like 2008 chief

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