1. Yeshua_shel_Natzrat says

    The GOP says as they dont actually *do* anything to honour KIA or living vets

  2. fatslayingdinosaur says

    Yeah the men in this photo who survived came back to the states as heros while the black men who also survived this day came home and got told to sit in the back of bus while wearing their army dress uniforms.

  3. Phil_Drill says

    Did nobody tell them that black men who served in WWII were denied the GI Bill so they couldnt even go to college afterwards?

  4. IDK_SoundsRight says

    The GOP loved it so much, they brought the nazis home inside their hearts.

  5. Theorist129 says

    [Even the Brits thought the American segregation was too much.](https://wikipedia.org/wiki/Battle_of_Bamber_Bridge)

  6. Devolution1x says

    The fact that black service men could take a bullet but we’re not allowed to share a beer or sit in the front of the bus was a big motivator for the civil rights movement.

    So yeah.

  7. jbertrandsr says

    The bigger irony here is that the fascism those soldiers were risking their lives to fight against is now openly embraced and encouraged by today’s GQP…

  8. swarlymosbius says

    The photo is of white soldiers in an ostensibly segregated army unit. The people in the photo absolutely had privileges that were not afforded to black servicemen.

    Edit for the How is it a privilege to die in combat crowd.

    Putting aside the fact that black soldiers also died for our freedoms in WWII, white soldiers were absolutely afforded privileges that were not afforded to black soldiers.

    Just because some of those privileges (such as serving in fighting units) resulted in death, it does not change what they were: freedoms that were based on race that black soldiers did not have.

    Many black soldiers who didnt fight desperately wanted the privilege of being able to do so. Keep in mind that this is a time in America when it wasnt unheard of for young men who were ineligible to serve to commit suicide.

    There were, and always have been, black soldiers dying for our country – just without the same privileges of respect, recognition, funding, and supplies that were afforded to white soldiers.

    For additional reading see the GI Bill, another huge example of post-war privilege.

  9. jacobbomb says

    There was LITERALLY training videos made for soldiers witnessing black people being treated *like people* overseas during the WWII time period. [check out this video after about the 25:00 minute mark](https://youtu.be/ltVtnCzg9xw). We had to tell our soldiers going over seas to not be shocked that black people arent treated like lesser people or animals.

  10. Turalisj says

    I remember reading of one event where black soldiers went to sit with white British folk and American white soldiers almost started an armed riot over it.

  11. gking407 says

    When conservatives tell you they dont see color theyre right. Only black and white and still blind to shades of grey

  12. desquished says

    Wait, so now the GOP is celebrating Antifa?

  13. Gonomed says

    Did the guy really assumed black people didn’t serve? Ah yes, the privileged black American of the 1940’s! Free to do whatever he wants, including not joining the Army /s

  14. Kilahti says

    Remember the liberation of Paris from Nazi rule?

    The Free French forces wanted that to be done by French troops specifically. British and US commanders said that they will only allow this if this is done by purely white unit. Brits and Yanks did not want history books to show any non-whites doing something as historic as freeing Paris.

    Aside from the blatant racism, the other issue with this was that by this time, much of the forces of Free France were colonial troops. Thousands of non-white French had already fought died during the war alongside their white comrades. And by now, there was no French military unit on the continent that would have been all-white and De Gaulle had to scramble and reorganize until he had a division that passed the visual check by their allies…

    ..And after the war the French government threw their loyal soldiers under the bus. Kicking them off the continent back home and stopping their pensions.


  15. TranscendentCabbage says

    Does the GOP not realize WWII and the soldiers that fought it were literally Antifa? You know, that thing Trump said were terrorists?

  16. Brickie78 says

    *A group of violent Antifa activists preparing an unprovoked surprise attack on a peaceful seaside town

  17. Seanspeed says

    I’ve never met a single person who rejects the idea of white privilege actually show an understanding of what white privilege means.

  18. uping1965 says

    [US Army – History of WWII – Employment of Negro Troops](https://history.army.mil/books/wwii/11-4/index.htm)

    A really interesting read written by the US Army just after WWII.

    “After Pearl Harbor, General Headquarters compiled a list of units considered ready for overseas use at once or expected to be ready in the near future. These included a number of Negro units.1 But from early 1942 on,
    **it became a matter of common knowledge within the General Staff that no matter what the state of readiness of Negro units happened to be, the steadily increasing number of American units departing for overseas locations would not include any large number of Negro troops until the War Department established a definite policy on their assignment and use overseas.** Once established, carrying out such a policy continued to be a problem, increasingly localized as decisions on particular areas were made, but lasting up to the end of the war. The question extended beyond considerations of military utility, except in the broadest sense. **It was a compound of the overseas commander’s desire to avoid racial troubles in his area, of fears that the Negro units would be less adaptable and less efficient than white units of similar types, and of the objections of foreign governments and local authorities.**”

    Yup – White Privilege.

  19. DaveontheMoon says

    Do they think black people didn’t fight in the war? Seriously?

  20. Nazeron says

    Look at all those antifa soldiers

  21. blackgandalff says

    [Heres](https://youtu.be/ltVtnCzg9xw) a look at how different the racial relations were in England and the US during WW2. They literally had to show this film to arriving soldiers in the hopes they would leave their racist ways back home.

    I have also read a few accounts of Black US servicemen being absolutely floored by how well they were treated in the UK, and many wished to remain there indefinitely.

    EDIT: I messed up the time stamp. The relevant bit of the video starts at 25:00. My apologies

  22. MiddleTowel says

    Their Agenda > Research & Education
    That’s basically what it boils down to. If you make wild claims to people who will believe anything that supports their mindset, they arent likely to research it further for discrepancies.

  23. Vetinery says

    Its almost as if reality were somehow complex. As if right and wrong couldnt be absolutely determined by who makes the snarkyest comment.

  24. Quizzmo says

    “Privledge is when nothing bad happens to you” – Isaak Newton

  25. ghyti_is_fish says

    I know its not the point of the meme, but I wish the battle of Midway was celebrated like D-Day is. The War would have been lost for the US if not for the win at Midway.

  26. loogie97 says

    Black people could serve. Ammo handling, cooks, drivers, maintenance, janitorial.

    They were not given the opportunity to stand on the front lines of battle. Their contribution was invaluable, we would not have won without them.

  27. Sean10135 says

    Knowing your history is important

  28. Cue_626_go says

    It’s weird that the GOP would post a picture praising ANTIFA. That’s not on brand for them at all…

  29. firebearhero says

    imagine living under oppression and racism and even though there aint shit being done by your country to help you out you still put that aside and join up to fight nazis in europe to help protect the freedom of those who treat you like trash.

    takes a true hero to be a black man in usa in the 40s and go fight nazis in europe. even though you’re treated poorly you turn the other cheek and fight for the freedom of those who take yours away.

  30. stabTHAtornado says

    Also known as the worlds largest ANTIFA operation

  31. BethWilliams53 says

    So, basically conservatives lack empathy? This tracks

  32. Apprehensive_Key6133 says

    Did you see that picture of Antifa thugs?! All of them armed and spoiling for a fight!/s

  33. drip_dingus says

    In WW1, when Americans started to arrive into the conflict, the French gladly accepted Black American units into their own command structures to get them into actual combat roles and not just as porters and cooks.

    I still find it strange that the US just sort of… gave away men like they were regular military aid. They even warned french civilians about how dangerous black Americans where, even though the french did not give a fuck.

    Harlem Hellfighters, check them out.

  34. PhantasticOne says

    My take on this is that all of these men were fighting against Germany and Italy and fascism. Now, it seems that the Republicans and their supporters are trying to take over our democracy and turn it into a fascist state with Trump as the leader. What would our fathers and grandfathers think about that?

  35. rj2896 says

    Largest ANTIFA demonstration in history

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