1. StockCurious says

    What kind of bridge has a giant gap like that? Huge hazard.

  2. midnightthrow1992 says

    What the fuck was she even attempting to do?

  3. dufus69 says

    He might have saved her life. Great reflex to help.

  4. True_luck08 says

    this guys laugh though

  5. DotaKillsMe says

    As the others were just staring

  6. SBCwarrior says

    What kind of drunken monkey dance was that 🤣🤣

  7. NoDoze- says

    That’s a huge space in the railing, needs to be fixed ASAP!

  8. Top-Bit4472 says

    The asthma of the guy recording is playing up abit

  9. MrZer00O says

    What was her goal?

    Why is there a huge ass gap?

    Why did that one dude proceed to keep his hands in his pockets?

  10. aneptuniangrl says

    I’m going to assume the cameraman was excited to get something interesting for his Snapchat

  11. berrymcockiner says

    Shawty got yams

  12. prizzabroy says

    Hahahaha I almost died hahahah

  13. TopherBlake says

    She needs to put that guy in her will after that save!

  14. maksdjukic says

    Try explaining that if it really happened.
    -we swear she slipped through that tiny whole

  15. ghostguy590 says

    Just going to stand there and wheeze? I don’t know how high that bridge is but even if the person holding them is a heavyweight champion I’d still help them up

  16. Weak_Role3946 says

    Grand rétard

  17. Yaxion says

    Someone almost got injured/died and the cameraman decides to do his best impression of a dog.

  18. TwelveozMouse says

    Isn’t this the same girl who posts tons of these fake videos of her falling down “accidentally”? It’s hard to tell with the mask but she seems to do the “attempted cartwheel” thing a bunch. She usually crashes into street vendors or knocks over a display….just low effort tik tok bullshit.

  19. yoyonumber4 says

    I was so close for happiness

  20. Percutieis says

    Why do i see edgy and retarded comments

  21. G93X says

    Why do people just watch other people almost die? I don’t understand how they just stand there holding a phone, laughing.

  22. FcodMtrash says

    That’s one booty not worth the call

  23. kiss-my-axe-kid says

    having an asthma attach while recording

  24. adamc03 says

    They did stop filming tho

  25. spilat12 says

    Yeah dude, just stand there with your hands in your pockets, you don’t wanna get them cold.

  26. alejdelat says

    Happy cake day!

  27. LAjbird says

    Damn we almost got a 2 for 1 deal on this one.

  28. foss0420 says

    Those other 2 people are sick and tired of that her shit

  29. Zamfonia says

    Sounds like he’s trying to cough up a hairball

  30. Commercial_Pirate_62 says

    Wondering how many slipped through that gap.

  31. Jakejake-5895 says

    One decent person there

  32. bullfrog316 says

    A bridge too far

  33. lilaspen_ says

    Wow… why would she try to flip on an icy bridge??? Also, she owes him like 1 million favors

  34. brbaca says

    Only one decent person in the group. Asshole cameraman wheezing out a laugh while his friend nearly dies.

  35. Septkul says

    yo why tf is the recording laughing she could have died

  36. Superb_Boat3029 says

    Yeah you owe your friend dinner for saving your spazz ass

  37. [deleted] says


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