1. clonn says

    Europe: All colors and happiness.

    Poland: FRUGO®

  2. lundit says

    Finland is wrong, Sinebrychoff is a brewery. While it manufactures soft drinks as well, none of its products are named “Sinebrychoff”. Closest thing is their beer brand, Koff.

  3. MDNick2000 says

    > Moldova

    > “Resan”

    I haven’t seen that mineral water being sold for more than 10 years. Latest update on [its website](http://resan.md/news_recognition.htm) was in 2013, and [latest financial report](https://b2bhint.com/en/company/md/im-resan-srl–1003600086969) is from 2019 and shows it works at a loss. It is pretty much dead.

    Thanks for a tear of nostalgia, though.

  4. Cun7Destr0yer says


  5. campbeltonian says

    It’s bizarre to see Irn-Bru covering not just Scotland but the entire United Kingdom.

  6. Jjleit says


  7. SteO153 says

    No [Rivella](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rivella?wprov=sfla 10) for Switzerland? If I had to pick a soft drink for Switzerland, I would have picked the only one made out of byproducts of cheese production.

  8. ep1c_gamer says

    Are these just random soft drinks or are they the most popular or something like that?

  9. OmnipotentBastard says

    Ramlösa? Wait what? That is just carbonated water! You could have picked Julmust, Trocadero, Cub Cola, Portello, R10, or whatever. You just had to pick carbonated water for Sweden didn’t you?

  10. chucksef says

    Frugo “Drink or don’t”

  11. neutraldefault says

    Qué puñetas es una Mirinda

  12. TheBrianUniverse says

    Wicky is the most childhood drink I can think of

  13. New-Protection-4746 says

    I’m surprised England isn’t Lucozade. I don’t think Scotland will be happy sharing their Bru D:

  14. occhineri309 says

    Isn’t Ramlösa just a water brand? Also Ayran is not a brand, it’s just the name of a traditional yoghurt drink. Yedigün or uludag would be more appropriate for Turkey.

    Edit: And for Switzerland it can obviously only be Rivella.

  15. RainKingInChains says

    Grapefruit San Pellegrino – hook that right up to my veins.

  16. tobilajser says

    Ramlösa is carbonated tapwater. Actual classic swedish softdrinks: Loranga, Jaffa, Trocadero, Festis.

  17. Arturiki says

    Mirinda is not sold anymore since PepsiCo bought Kas.

    Edit: not sold anymore IN SPAIN.

  18. Benjamin_Stark says

    Ayran is not a soft drink. It’s an unsweetened yogurt drink.

  19. jo_nigiri says

    Sumol is so popular in Portugal that when I went to the UK I was shocked to discover they didn’t have entire sections of the drink aisle just for it lol

  20. mielove says

    This is going by an extremely broad definition of “soft drink.” In fact you might as well rename this map “random non-alcoholic drinks that happen to be from these countries.” ;-;

  21. fyreandsatire says


  22. RJS_0501 says

    Kofola is God’s nectar

  23. Konaki420 says

    Austria should be Almdudler, Redbull is whack

  24. gautenub says

    Solo is slept on. The best orange soda imo.

  25. hobowithashotgun2990 says

    The creator used the Frisco, TX logo for Frisco in the Czech Republic.

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