1. sulkapallolol says

    Now this is interesting as fuck.

  2. aa9093 says

    Might be the coolest thing I’ve ever seen

  3. PiedPeterPiper says

    Looks like something out of a sci fi movie

  4. crazydr13 says

    I spent an afternoon with the alternate set of NSF pilots for this mission a few months before it happened. They said that the plan was to put the NSF’s GIV jet into the path of totality and open it up full throttle. At full speed and high altitudes, they expected to be in totality for 7 minutes (about 2-3x normal duration). These pilots are all former military and get pretty bored during standard scientific mission so going high and fast was pretty exciting for them.

  5. RedDevils0204 says

    That’s doomsday looking crap

  6. 909Toker says


  7. Unabonger420 says

    Well I’m not quite sure how to fell about this

  8. Edensired says

    It’s weird to think things the size of planets are moving that fast. I mean i know they move fast but just to see it over take a plane like that. That’s fast!

  9. ObsessedFi45 says

    On the verge of space

  10. Sunniigod says

    A portal to another dimension

  11. Lolothelion says

    Imagine what people in 2000 years ago thought when they saw this on a flight, must have been scared shitless

  12. nicopedia305 says

    Was the speed increased on the video, or is this real time? Real time makes is that much more interesting when factoring in the velocity of the plane and how it affects how/why we can see the eclipse in this way..

  13. UniverseUniter says

    Don’t know but it is beautiful and frightening both at the same time.

  14. balZbig says

    Why do we only see a tiny black dot perfectly centered in the circle of the sun? Shouldn’t we see a larger black circle cover it from right to left?

  15. Accomplished_Treat56 says

    When the solar eclipse happened in North American (2017) my then gf and I drove up from California to a sunflower field 1hr away or so from Salem, Oregon. We had found a AirBnB except the host was having everyone stay in tents in his big ass property. The place was in the middle of nowhere so we thought we we’re going to get killed but turned out to be completely booked. There was live folk music. Beers. Hipsters in their modded school bus. We danced and drinked but went to bed around 11pm. We feared we would oversleep and miss it haha

    The next morning the once lonely road was lined up with cars from both sides. We were talking with strangers from all over the country, some from our neck of the woods and even people who travelled around the world to come and watch the show.

    To see it in person is truly an exceptionally unique experience. You hear the count down coming from strange voices in the giant fallow field and then cheering and howling, some screaming. The day becomes dark and the wind picks up. The temperature noticeably drops and you begin to hear birds singing. You take off your glasses and the most magnificent corona greets your eyes. A cosmic spectacle that no CGI can ever replicate. And within a few minutes it is over.

    Best road trip of our lives so far.

  16. FunHazards says

    It’s all fun and games until you see a green beam and the horizon explodes

  17. zorrvania-nugs says

    Houston, I just shit my pants.

  18. turboLL says

    I want to know how flat-earthers explain this…….. for science.

  19. spaghetticatman says

    Really good visualization of how a solar eclipse is really the moon’s shadow moving across earth.

  20. A_Grey_Dragon says

    *Prepare the ancient sky ritual*

  21. PinkClouds94 says


  22. Moo_Snukle says

    Shadow: I’m fast as fuck booooiii

  23. Galaxy_K says

    I feel bad for the people under the thick clouds that never got to see it

  24. colonelheero says

    The more interesting part maybe on the other side of thing. If the plane was flying in the moon’s shadow, someone on the ground observing the eclipse would see the plane going in front of the sun-moon, eclipsing the solar eclipse….

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