1. Jehshehabah says

    Why not send him down there with an LMG or some grenades.

    Just a rifle and a few mags?

  2. -Exalted- says

    If it works, it ain’t stupid.

  3. Kotal420 says

    Are flamethrowers illegal to use over there?

  4. Dbd_Typheus says

    This doesn’t seem very OSHA compliant…

  5. afinoxi says

    Why not throw in some bombs , or gasoline and set it on fire , or just bury them in ? Because there’s something in there they think is worth it ?

    I can see no other reason why doing this is more preferable. Then again , if it works , it ain’t stupid I guess.

  6. oceangreen25 says

    Looks like there is a small explosion going off as he is lowered in

  7. 0km1 says

    Follow me if your interested in war and conflict.

  8. foxtrothotch says

    Should just collapse the tunnel

  9. wowok6239 says

    My guess is that they don’t like this guy

  10. StriderTX says

    sights be damned i guess lol

  11. cyb3roffensive says


  12. Old_Conqueror says

    These dudes balls required heavy machinery to be lowered

  13. pouletbidule says

    Gas works better. Ask- no nevermind

  14. campagani says

    looks like this is some sort of mini game they must play

  15. Jamesr792 says

    Fuckin’ mad lad……

  16. Esterosa69 says

    The wave up at the end lmao

  17. Art_Class says

    This is incredibly badass

  18. shpadoinklydoinkle says

    Tunnel warfare is real and scary to even imagine.

  19. woodtoogoodtoobetrue says

    Okay. I need a fucking shirt that has this dude in a bucket lmao.

  20. YPG6100 says

    All jokes aside this guy is a badass.

  21. zingo158 says

    this shit is from the ministry of defense?

  22. Edwardteech says

    Only his head is visible that’s ok he isn’t using it much anyway.

  23. SkinnyBuddha89 says

    “They’ll never hear me coming!”

    This seems dumb for many reasons

  24. PlutoTheGod says

    Literally what the hell is this lol.. bullets coming back will tear on through that bucket

  25. Agent_Orange7 says

    I bet that bucket won’t stop rifle rounds.

  26. AllOfMeJack says

    Armchair Generals: “Why didn’t he just do X, Y, and Z? Based on my extremely limited understanding of the situation and limited experience, I’m pretty sure that’d work.”

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