1. SortOfGettingBy says
  2. WantToBeACyborg says

    Makes me think this was an Easter Egg or a storyline they never got around to. Time shenanigans + camouflage.

  3. IronGigant says

    Am I the only one who sees the Prometheus and thinks “That ship looks like a giant cock and balls”?

  4. Scion-Of-Gozer says

    There’s no way that this is a coincidence, well spotted. Someone should definitely try and ask James Robbins about this as im sure it must of been what he based the design on after seeing this photo.

  5. LogicDog says

    I like how this was clearly a Lion, and then some douchebag came along and had it changed to reflect his own image. The head does *NOT* match the body in proportion *or* species.

    Egyptology is incredibly hindered by politics and religion; so damn frustrating.

  6. alien-eggs says

    And now I can’t unsee it

  7. McNalien says

    Huh, that is quite interesting.

  8. rach2bach says

    Is that a hole on its head?

  9. Nightshade-79 says

    When a super gate overlaps a black hole you wind up in ancient egypt and accidentally also give the Goa’uld technology

  10. bendermichaelr says

    As I was scrolling past, I was like oh that’s the prometheus.

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