1. kashar01 says

    I was too distracted by the mad jester in yellow to notice anything else

  2. JerseyWiseguy says

    Well done–as he should be.

  3. AzkabanResident says

    That guy with the fan was just roasting some sweet potatoes..

  4. Rogueshoten says

    I have to admit…of the three people in that shot the one who ended up being way too close was the one I didn’t expect.

  5. PoetLucy says

    The internet was created so I could laugh too hard at videos like this. Yay, progress!

  6. AbabyRhino says

    What the fuck! The way he comes out of it. “God damn it Jim I burnt myself again, why do I have to do this shit?” 🤣

  7. Kitten_claws_nya says

    Yep he’s dead

  8. Research_Centric says

    Would have been funnier if the guy waving the pole had have just disappeared when all the smoke cleared. Vaporized into a red mist by the fireworks.

  9. Yvahn_Kiel says

    No botox needed for this guy, his skin is now 40% polyester! He’ll never have to iron himself again!

  10. labink says

    That was like, at least 20 firecrackers at least. /s

  11. frontofthewagon says

    Stop. Drop. And roll baby!

  12. hatgineer says

    That woman in yellow trying to snuff out the fire telepathically lol.

  13. Barstools1013 says

    Someone didn’t learn stop, drop and roll in kindergarten.

  14. Kill_My_Doppleganger says

    The guys reaction to burning alive is to just stand around and wait for other people to put it out‽???????

  15. blondebahamamama says

    So, where is that going on? China or one of the neighbour countries?

  16. transmaniacon-MC says

    Fireworks at night are way better?

  17. OhioGreenBear says

    Stop, drop and roll dude. We learned it all through grade school!!

  18. teaquad says

    People lookin for a reason to kick his ass

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