1. JamesTDG says

    Every day in Australia is just another alien movie


    The spiders are fucking terrefying

  3. Modragamerz says

    A slider just ran across my brekky one time, I didn’t even flinch I’m so used to em.

  4. RicardoSins_69420 says

    Why do you Post the pic upside down?

    Thought Americans and european couldn’t see the meme properly?

  5. Smoah06 says

    This is accurately wrong. We use machetes idiot

  6. KB_030821 says

    *Klendathu Drop Intensifies*

  7. daspooterman says

    didnt you guys lose a war to some birds

  8. ToiletRollTubeGuy says

    The American boy stood there confused. Why is there a smoking gun in my hands? he thought. Why was I speaking in an Austrailian accent? Why do the spiders now look like children? The school bell rang signalling the beginning of the next class. No footsteps or voices could be heard in the hallway, though, besides those of the boy asking himself questions.

  9. A_Wild_VelociFaptor says

    Only good bug is a fuckin dead bug, mate.

  10. montgomatrix359 says

    I never knew Australia was the basis for Starship Troopers

  11. DR0p_gkid64 says

    You idiot we got rid of our guns in the 90’s

  12. ThanosButHandsome10 says

    How the fuck does he have a gun?

  13. -WhyS0serious- says

    Reminds me of Starship Troopers

  14. Black-House says

    Nah, we could do with some big fuck off spiders to eat the mice

  15. Some_crane_boi says

    Fun fact guns are illegal to own in Australia

  16. Mannnddd says

    Isn’t that the Rhodesian light infantry

  17. Jacov37 says

    its that but with emus

  18. LordAppleJuice07 says

    As an Australian I can confirm. Just yesterday I took down 3 of the bastards

  19. NoxaCS says

    As an Aussie I can confirm this is true, we have lost many in the struggle for freedom

  20. MegaKoi says

    I’m doing my part 🙂

  21. Wrobbo09 says

    As an Australian this is not true. We done have guns… we use boomerangs instead get it right.

  22. BraindeadRedneck says

    The only good bug is a dead bug!

  23. obnoxiouslyloudmusic says

    Righto mate.

  24. IsThatMyShoe says

    Finally, a dank fuckin meme

  25. etriuswimbleton says

    Why do they sound erotic in both scenarios?

  26. AceA10 says

    Are those Rhodies fighting giant space spiders?
    (yes I get they’re meant to be Australian in the context of the meme)

  27. ThatSandwichGuy says

    Actually it would be emus.

  28. Suga_doli says

    This but with feral cats and dogs

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