1. SilverSpoon1463 says

    Why are they all wearing the same shade of blue?

    Edit: Spelling is hard

  2. Yes-Cheesecake says

    Oh so THATS how it started.

  3. DJ-Turbo-Taint says

    Not a good decision by either of them

  4. SookHe says

    I cant tell from the video, but was the big truck speeding up to prevent the car from passing? Or doing the speed limit and the guy on the shoulder was just too slow?

  5. mikey_b082 says

    And on today’s episode of “dont fuck with people you don’t know”….

    Seriously though, just don’t. You have absolutely no clue what type of person they are. Maybe they’re driving slow hoping someone will hop out and start something. Maybe they’re a decent person and life has been serving them one shit sandwich after another and today just happens to be the day that your antics wind up being one topping too many and their days/weeks/months of pent up frustration are all about to be unleashed on you.

  6. scheme_addict says

    That ended great! …for us.

  7. skylabroll says

    2 idiots, but also 2 assholes. They deserve it

  8. the_mellojoe says

    How to turn a hit and run into both of you getting fucked

  9. Mirewen15 says

    They interviewed the woman who recorded this. The RAV almost caused an accident with her before this happened so she started recording.

  10. Donatehilltop says

    Driving is about winning

  11. TDKR1977 says

    When assholes collide.

  12. lepobz says

    I don’t get this idiocy – Just take a deep breath, swallow your pride and go about your day. Not end up with a massive garage bill or worse.

  13. Santana_Art says

    I like how they are both wearing the same exact color shirt. Probably a little sign from the universe saying “y’all on the same team, chill”

  14. Ry_ry666 says

    Certified ‘Berta beef

  15. UsernameyMcNamersen says

    In a Canadian first, exactly zero apologies were said that day

  16. DWebbster73 says

    Just by looking at the first 30 seconds, if you want to pass someone you should be going faster than them

  17. BigWhit75 says

    When you’re old, have a bigger vehicle, and better insurance.

  18. wrenway says

    vehicular assault bumber cars

  19. MyCodeNameIsBryan says

    Good ol’ Edmonton.

  20. Big_papa_B says

    When was this??? I want to look it up in the news lol. (Former edmontonian)

  21. BFGSamsquanch says

    Looks like a good ol’ Canadian stand-off:

    I’m not your buddy, guy!
    I’m not your guy, friend!
    I’m not your friend, buddy!

  22. jesse2h says

    This is probably horrid advice, but if you want to drive like an asshole – buy a fast car. After like forty continuous seconds, he couldn’t pass that dude on the shoulder?

    Put your fuckin foot down

  23. PigFarmer1 says

    If I’m driving the pickup I let the idiot go.

  24. stifferthanstiffler says

    So THAT’S what led to the video I’ve seen posted a dozen times already.

  25. SnowbackMcGee says

    Ohhhhh…. So *THAT’S* what happened before the mirror punching started.

  26. diykitchen1717 says

    I don’t know what your gun laws are like in Canada, but in the US that’s a good way to become a corpse.

  27. FullArmr says

    Still angry over the oilers getting bounced in 1st round.

  28. TLR1791 says

    You know, there have been so many times that I wanted to ram someone’s car when they tailgate me (and I can’t go any faster than the car in front of me), or when they cut me off for no reason and slow down to their own speed. But I have self control, and I don’t have the money to deal with the consequences, nor do I want to deal with them any longer than I have to.

    However, living through this vicariously brought a smile to may face. Even though I don’t know who exactly started the altercation and who antagonized it…

  29. Evil-c-Evil-do says

    Okay awesome now I saw what was leading up to this mayhem I Wana see what happened with the brawl!

  30. VitruvianMan1976 says

    Why they so pissed off? Canada run out of free health care or Tim hortons?

  31. Vierzwanzig says

    There are those of us who ride a soft shoulder and slap others mirrors while driving… anddd there is almost everyone else who deserves to have a license.

  32. BadTiger85 says

    So both drivers are idiots but I’m always fascinated by the mindset of the drivers trying to pass on the shoulder or the drivers who literally risk their lives and everyone else’s lives by changing lanes every 10 seconds just to cut to the front and save 40 seconds on their commute. Was it really worth it idiots?

  33. frivolousfry says

    Honestly after he punched the mirror, I don’t know if I’d be able to stop myself from doing something similar. Anger is a tricky emotion

  34. prowlerunderrated says

    All this because the Oilers lost?

  35. spirituallyinsane says

    The brake pedal was an easy antidote for this situation.

  36. friskygrandma says

    Sounds about right.

    Source: Albertan.

  37. jackbird says

    Three idiots

  38. StarshipSentinel says

    I do this stuff all time time. In GTA V. Doing it in real life is just pathetic.

  39. Intelligent_Delay_24 says

    They both idiots

  40. rumblepony247 says

    Good way to get yourself shot

  41. Shad0wX7 says

    They are both complete dumbasses

  42. KingNebbachadnezzer says

    Part II

  43. mehboysi says

    That escalated quickly

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