1. alsbricks says

    They must not realize just how fast that peacock could fuck up that kitten

  2. walkingcontrodiction says

    you say tail full of cat toys.
    i say this cat is trying to take on a dark souls boss and you should get him out of there befor he dies 100 times.

  3. The_Wack_Knight says

    That sexy turkey didn’t like that at all.

  4. IrrelevantPuppy says


    Kitten: “yooo, that shit is dope as hell, can I see that?”

  5. Indetermination says

    I’d be worried about that kitten getting her eyes pecked out tbh.

  6. domoarigatomrsbyakko says

    As an owner of peacocks, I gotta say, they clearly don’t value the life of that kitten.

  7. noquarter53 says

    i’m a peacock. *ya gotta let me fly.*

  8. mdjak1 says

    Source about 2 minutes in: https://youtu.be/C3nEjN0Pg9Q

  9. tomkim1965 says

    Is that poor cat dead yet?

  10. Cosmonaut_Cockswing says

    All fun and games till the peacock decides it doesn’t like the cat and tears it apart

  11. PungentGoop says

    Please post the next 2 hours of this

  12. Nova-XVIII says


  13. echeverianne says

    the way he shuffles!!!

  14. poorprae says

    Peacock: “Look at me. I’m the sassiestHEY HEY KEEP YOUR DISTANCE WHAT ARE YOU DOING!!111+!!@”

  15. TheBigGalactis says

    Ok but why would they even let this happen, probably ruined that Peacocks display

  16. htes28carney1 says

    Fuck off kid, I’m trying to get laid.

  17. meow1meow2 says

    It’s funny they puff up to look big and frightening and it just did the exact opposite for the kitten.

  18. Xtrasloppy says

    Peacock : ” Bout to get me some -… That’s not what I meant.”

  19. who_that_guy227 says

    Just a pussy playing with a cock.

  20. neonsaber says

    Man people do not give a shit about their animals safety if it means some internet fame.

  21. FrostieTheSnowman says

    Yo birds are mean as shit, I’d NEVER let a lil kitten fuck with a big-ass dinosaur like that

  22. BussyDriver says

    Animal negligence in progress.

  23. Moontwnn says

    Imagine raising youur feathers to assert dominance just to be looked down on even more😂

  24. ShinyCatEyes says

    Christmas morning for little kitty :]

  25. bocadinhas says


  26. hussyabbas1 says


  27. Kiviimar says


  28. Flushles says

    “Get out of here kid I’m trying to get laid.”

  29. yash2651995 says

    Remember kung fu panda 2 how that goat lady started pissing off shen the peacock?
    Peacock: “im beautiful im glamorous come to daddy peahens wha- whose behind me?”
    Kitten: toyyyyyy
    Peacock: w-waaa-noooo not toy.. step away…
    Kitten: another toyy
    Peacock: nooo

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