1. Xophien95 says

    Kaeya mains are gonna have a field day getting there XD

  2. Cosimov says

    They really did push it to the edge lol, but I wonder if the rumored underwater sections, if real, will take place in that big ol’ gap of water

  3. aesir121 says

    There were rumors of an underwater map – I guess it makes sense with all that ocean in between

  4. mario61752 says

    Good luck Kaeya’ing there lol that’s far

  5. Lugarugan28 says

    Hey all, are there any Inazuma Katheryn leaks?

  6. Soniop_Yvi says

    A) Inazuma is bigger than I expected. B) It’s really far. Maybe Kaeya icebridge won’t be a good idea after all.

  7. mashuushirou says

    That’s actually pretty huge for an island region.
    Not to mention, many feature-packed islands may be better than a continental region with vast plains between points of interest.

  8. NoAdeptness3986 says

    Whoaaaa that’s far

  9. oshunas says

    Can someone photoshop the islands together so we can compare it to the size of the other regions? It seems mad small but I feel like it’s just the water making it seem worse than it is

  10. LavarockSG says

    Scrolliiiinnng (Rip mobile user 😭)

  11. notexw says

    holy shit that’s so far from the teyvat’s mainland

  12. MonaThiccAss says

    Jesus Christ, no wonder we need beiou to get there

  13. Hotaru32 says

    Kaeya and ganyu – my arm gonna fall off

  14. thisisadummyacc says

    I just know some madman will use Kaeya to reach Inazuma even though it’s likely that MHY will introduce a mechanism for us to get there faster.

  15. yyyyyuijia says

    I don’t think Kaeyak is gonna make it that far damn

  16. Plate-of-Pancakes says

    Scrolling to Inazuma on the PS4 is gonna be a pain in the ass. I can feel it

  17. Kayriss369 says

    Ganyu ice bridge time.

  18. Chandru2000Dr says

    Ok well i think my screen will be cracked on scrolling to that location.

  19. Wheesa says

    Going to kaeya my way across this

  20. Yoghurt_Spiritual says

    Hopefully they keep the boat from 1.6 cuz I wanna enjoy a long boat ride to INAZUMA

  21. MikaTheMoose says

    Me who is out of Resin: Finally! KAEYA!! WE ARE GOING TO INAZUMA!
    Kaeya: Using a boat right?
    Me: *Smile*
    Kaeya: using….a BOAT right? right?

  22. DropLip says

    4 Kaeya co-op meta?

  23. TheFatShady6ix9ine says

    Wont we have the boat permanently in the game? Cuz that seems pretty reasonable as to not breake the entire open world aspect and only have some NPC that teleport you in and out of inazuma…

  24. gintokisamadono says

    The patch 1.6 haven’t even started yet and I already want patch 1.7 ha ha ha

  25. Agni_108 says

    Am i the only one thinking that this is kind of small?

  26. AkiShirai says

    Okay bois. The plan is that we all join co-op and Keaya our way into the city!

  27. nirvash530 says

    Holy shit it’s so far.

    No wonder we need Beidou’s ship.

  28. RadRey09 says

    Kaeya lessgoooo

  29. Ulq-kn says

    I aint complaining but …isnt it too small compared to mondstadt or liyue,

  30. TinbuyPrime says

    Wow, it’s way farther from Guyun than I initially expected.

  31. Agnull says

    Why do i still feel it is kinda small.

  32. TheWitcherMigs says

    I think we can stop saying that is small right? In proportion has around the same size as Mondstadt, but will be slightly smaller because are islands

  33. OnlyBridgetteMatters says

    Wow, looks like it is slightly smaller than Mondstadt.

    I remember that old leaked map saying it would be as big as Liyue.

  34. InternalFun1 says

    That’s so cool, man. Can’t wait!

  35. _myoru says

    I can’t read it, but there’s a name in the middle of the sea slightly north of the islands, so is it possible that there’s one more that’s missing from this picture?

  36. Frostblazer says

    Given how the islands are spread out, it’s difficult to judge how large they collectively are compared to Mondstadt and Liyue. Would any kind soul be able to superimpose them on top of the current map so we have a better sense of scale?

  37. -Aureo- says

    Reminder to everyone here that there are 5 mentioned islands in the concept art, and only 3 main ones here. Inazuma is bigger than this map

  38. ScienceOfMemory says

    I hope you can actually ice bridge there without doing the liyue archon (and follow up) quests so my AR25 alts can go there. will take a couple of hours but, eh, I can double or triple Kaeya. lmao why am I getting downvoted for wanting to ice bridge?

  39. blytheoblivion says

    Ah, I was thinking that the other map leaks were a bit tiny, turns out that’s only half of Inazuma lol

  40. gvstavvss says

    Wow Inazuma is so… smol

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