1. tahlyn says

    I LOVE this. This is a fantastic Halloween costume!

  2. Mission-External-705 says

    Ugh, fake anglerfish girls. I bet they don’t even chemically dissolve the bodies of males to absorb them.


    I see the resident evil 9 bosses have been leaked

  4. jblankfk says

    Dont put your dick in that no mater how alluring it is

  5. code_monkee says

    Great if you’re looking for a guy who’s too clingy

  6. Telvis99 says

    Dark Bramble flashbacks

  7. IchLiebeFeuer4043 says


  8. 1N07 says

    Nice that’s actually pretty clever. Looks great and is relatively simple as costumes go.

  9. DraconisEltanin says

    Dark bramble flashbacks are probably the scariest part of the costume

  10. carlotheemo says


  11. aidan0225 says

    This is awesome, but at the same time this is worse than death

  12. ShadedDrow says

    Why is this on here? Clearly a good costume.

  13. NotActuallyEvil says

    That’s terrifying. Perfect!

  14. Lufthansa340 says

    How did they put the mouth on

  15. ExpiredGarlicBread says

    ngl how i would scream if i saw this at my door snarling at me

  16. adudeguyman says

    Is it a mask?

  17. indomitous111 says

    Looks like it is from a Dr.Who episode

  18. jimmygarterex says

    I’d hit that

  19. Major_Salvo says

    Strangely /r/Thalassophobia

  20. KnowOneDotNinja says

    That’s lit

  21. artisanrox says

    I don’t hate this at all, this is rad!

  22. ThereIsNoPresent says

    One of the best ideas i’ve ever seen.

  23. _Toxic_pineapple_ says


  24. PhillyChik93 says

    Fishy as hell🤣

  25. SageBus says

    Disturbing fact, those are female Angler Fish , the males are teenie tiny fishies that chew on the face of the horny female and then get absorbed into her flesh after a while of this losing all organs breathing and becomes an organ of the female, who impregnates her own eggs with sperm from the male appendage transformed now into a gonad. [Here’s a picture of an angler fish fully integrated on the female (NSFL).](https://i.imgur.com/W2mqrnM.png).

    Oh, also the babies once born live inside the mom’s mouth. They are really fucked up.

  26. darkangelx says

    I love it!

  27. Atanion says

    That’s badass.

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