1. evidica says

    *George Washington has entered the chat*

  2. onebadmex66 says

    Sort of the same thing that happened to the US during the Vietnam war. The US complained quite often that the guerrilla tactics were cowardly and the Vietcong were unworthy opponents.

  3. CreatrixAnima says

    We probably shouldn’t tell her about George Washington and Christmas day then, should we?

  4. korupt4lifw says

    Yo I grew up in Texas, they 110% teach this and even at the school I went to said had it not been for the “dishonorable” decision to attack then the battle of San jacento may have gone differently

    (Edit spelling)

  5. WattageWood says

    They actually did teach that in school, surprisingly enough.

  6. caYabo says

    I’m half mexican but reading about how poorly the mexican “national” army was led is actually sickening. You know all those stupid movie stereotypes where the officers are so dumb that they ignore every semblance of strategy and good sense and send their soldiers into a meat grinder then pickachu face? That was ALL of mexican military history pre pancho villa lol. it’s sad and disgusting. No reason at all Mexico should have lost as much territory as they did.

  7. droolingalarmist says

    I don’t mind the killing during siesta time. I mind that they did it so they could have slaves.

  8. RandomUser8467 says

    I mean… Texas also left Mexico because Mexico was getting serious about enforcing their ban on slavery and Texas was like “but what about all the People We Own!” And a bunch of Americans ran to Mexico to fight for the “freedom” to own slaves. Remember the Alamo!

  9. esdebah says

    Well, at least they were fighting to maintain slavery.

  10. Affectionate_Long677 says

    The Texans were also drastically outnumbered, but chose to burn the bridges to the island the Mexicans were on, trapping both armies together. That is some badass shit to do if you are outnumbered. It’s like Rorschach in Watchmen, “No, I think you’re trapped in here with ME”

  11. shnozdog says

    When I was in the army we never had anyone awake throughout the night keeping watch. It’s common wartime courtesy to let each other get beauty sleep.

  12. Gill03 says

    im pretty sure that is exactly what I was taught happened.

  13. GreatReset2 says

    Wait until she hears about the revolutionary war

  14. Cheezzlez says

    George Washington: Merry Christmas I guess

  15. AntibacHeartattack says

    I think this is a joke in one of Asterix and Obelix comics.

  16. wargobble-gobble says

    Wait til she hears about when they killed Bin Laden

  17. chaunceymcdoodle says

    Rules of engagement. However this isn’t the worst of it. Texas won it’s independence from Mexico by an unprovoked preemptive war to steal land from a sovereign country. Manifest destiny caused
    Mexico to lose 1/3 its country. Mexicans were in California, Arizona, Utah, New Mexico and Texas long before colonial Americans

  18. FourthHat74 says

    They did teach us bruh I learned this in 4th grade lmao

  19. greengoblinaccount says

    Wait til she hears about Christmas Eve 1776 in Delaware…

  20. ZaphodBBlebrok says

    If we’re being honest “no fighting during nap time” is not exactly unreasonable to expect…

  21. Technical_Coconut_71 says

    Yeah! White invaders came in and overthrew the government because they wanted slaves. Texas forever!

    They made sure to teach us this in Texas public schools. Subtle racism runs deeps there. Just like in this post.

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