1. jolearyd95 says

    She cooked that bitch 😤

  2. jdarm48 says

    There’s a lot of great things about this book. But having started the series as a teen and concluding it as an adult…there was some special magic there when that parental protection turned lethal.

  3. Trishlovesdolphins says

    YES! Whenever the movie is on tv, if I find it and it’s within 5-10 mins of that scene, I will wait until it is shown before I change the channel.

  4. Awkward_While_8104 says

    My absolute favorite scene. Molly Weasley is THE best!

  5. Sad_Panda1978 says

    It was a wonderful moment!

  6. ResearchOk8516 says

    I’m confused?

  7. jholinski says

    Happy Voldemort’s Deathday guys.

  8. Dodolulupepe says

    Post this in r/sbubby

  9. Unusual_Specialist75 says

    Boom roasted

  10. scrugssafe says

    lmaoo I remember the first time I ever read that time… little me was SHOOK at the word ‘bitch’ being in a ‘kids book.’ goooo mama weasley

  11. jholinski says

    It’s interesting how that happened on this exact day (May 2nd, 1998).

  12. TheWorldIsAhead says

    That time JK Rowling stole a whole idea from James Cameron.

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