1. tastethepain says

    I think this guy is great, but wrong sub

  2. Josysclei says

    Very nice of him, but how is that a public freakout?

  3. 3nfy says

    Why is this getting this many upvotes on this subreddit?

  4. DanielTigerr says

    Sly devil.

  5. komandanto_en_bovajo says

    Not a freakout

  6. ilikegreencows says

    I’m a seamstress and I almost always have sewing supplies on me. Was once at a park next to a local community center where a dance performance was being held. Overheard a little girl VERY upset because her costume ripped and so I approached her and offered to help. I ended up staying 2 hours helping with the costumes repairs. Would love to do this!

  7. N_I_C_K_O_L_A_S says

    The man must be drowning it pussy.

  8. GeneralTabbyCat says

    Not a freakout

  9. VroomVroomTweetTweet says

    We need more hero’s like this

  10. Imperial_Eggroll says

    For those complaining that it’s not a public freak out, just down vote this. Awesome video and dude tho

  11. -Cryptoknight says

    Was trying to think of something clever but nah, this is just wholesome.

  12. hippityhoppitywamen says

    Wrong sub

  13. Cartoons_and_CereaI says

    This guy is just too pure, I hope life is good to him.

  14. JKnott1 says

    That’s one way to meet girls.

  15. mwiese1 says

    this is the most wholesome shit I’ve seen all week.

  16. SnuffXP says

    Jesus christ what the fuck happened to this subreddit??????

  17. popecorkyxxiv says

    Does this guy get paid for his services, does he just do it out of the kindness of his heart or is it about getting to look up cosplayers skirts :p

  18. Letschangeourselves says

    Wholesome Brother 🙏🏽

  19. JuicyLoogie says

    The world needs more people like him 👍

  20. eeyore134 says

    Much better than the cosplay medics from Kenosha.

  21. Cireclops_LV says

    This guy must get so much ass it isn’t even funny.

  22. BarryMcCahckiner says

    Grown adults dressing up in costumes to walk around and take selfies will never not be hilarious. Now there is a dress up doctor to help you if playing dress up goes wrong

  23. Horrorandgorehumans says

    I need to be a cosplay medic now too

  24. NinetooNine says

    It’s funny that he us literally the only one there that has a functional costume.

  25. game_asylum says

    This guy is my favorite guy

  26. OneAndOnlyJackSchitt says

    Was expecting a dude running around and yelling at people for standing in fire or requesting healing while at 95% health.

  27. BigBlockyBob says


  28. Proturtle4321 says


  29. Silentmutation84 says

    There is a lady who every year at New York Comic Con cosplays as a nurse and has a little cart she pushes around to help people fix their costumes. She’s really nice and hooked me up with a bobby pin once. Her insta is cosplay911 I think.

  30. dangerous_strainer says

    Most heroes don’t wear capes. In fact, a very small percentage of heroes wear capes – and they’re usually fictional.

  31. Bigbasher87 says

    Dont care how many times this gets posted. I love this video

  32. Archetyp33 says

    Lol literally all chicks. I smell a simp

  33. LeMeowLePurrr says

    What an amazing idea!

  34. bigsampsonite says


  35. james_randolph says

    It is great to see your favorite character come to life. This dude is a G

  36. ToastyMarshmello08 says

    When he fixes enough costumes does he Uber charge

  37. Hashmob____________ says

    No they wear backpacks

  38. cpjay2003 says

    Man, the top two comments have me in the twighlight zone, like robots repeating through time, and space…and this sub.

  39. theearcheR says

    This warmed my heart

  40. halfglass-cat says

    Funny thing, in our culture, it’s bad luck to sew clothes while wearing.

  41. skittlesaddict says

    Everybody loves a Medic.

  42. VTEC_8K says

    I thought one of the girls was going to need medical attention and this guy was going to call the ambulance and speak nurse jargon until the real medics arrived.

  43. SchoolboyJew710 says

    Anyone know who that lady in the green is? Asking for a friend

  44. ilikebeeeef says

    i’m literally sobbing rn that is so cute

  45. mousemarie94 says

    Downvoted but great guy and awesome video

  46. jeefray says

    I love the whole spirit of most cosplayers. Its like a tribe of people that protect and love each other, without any expectations.

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