1. Ev_3 says

    That is embarrassing

    Football fans!

  2. greenygp19 says

    I didn’t hear lobsters in motion or I’m chasing martian, but I heard the rest when I focussed on them. The overwhelming thing I heard throughout though is “that is embarrassing” and been as it makes sense, I imagine that’s the actual chant.

  3. therickymarquez says

    Now I’m mixing lyrics up by just moving my eyes. Amazing

  4. Mangadditor says

    I heard everything until I reached “That is embarrassing” and then that was all I heard

  5. breadlover96 says

    All of em, Katie

  6. SugaryChaos says

    [McGruk](https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/McGurk_effect) effect at its finest!

    Also they’re mostly saying “That is embarrassing”!

  7. Zboubkiller says

    The real question is : what are they actually singing ?

  8. dazedan_confused says

    “That is embarrassing”

    Most polite football chant I’ve ever heard.

  9. 1259alex says

    I just hear “that is embarrassing”?

  10. Hey-You-----Shhh says

    I could hear them all, depending on which I focused on….except Rotating Pirate Ship, lol

  11. TimelordBeefcake says

    The tit is bouncing?

  12. gvillepa says

    Lobsters in motion doesn’t belong in this mix.

  13. Lokito_ says

    That is embarrassing

  14. TinOwll says

    I heard whatever you told me to hear and I’m scared

  15. dunfewsgu says

    I hear “That Is Embarassing”

  16. used_to_be_a_niceguy says

    Bats eating my receipt.

  17. buttabean2275 says

    I could hear all of them but the one that was the most clear when I focused on it was “That is Embarrassing”

  18. hjalmar111 says

    “That isn’t mercy”

  19. skyfucker6 says

    What is the source of this audio?

  20. Issa397BC says

    That is embarrassing sounds the clearest.

  21. shelledaxis714r says

    Only one i couldnt hear was rotating pirate ship.

  22. 7937397 says

    I’m curious how this changes with people familiar or unfamiliar with the accent.

  23. powerforce says

    I could hear all of them depending on which phrase I was looking at. Trippy

  24. LordMudkip says

    Rotating pirate ship is a stretch.

    I heard all the others pretty clearly though.

  25. mtimetraveller says

    Spoiler: >!You hear them all.!<


    [via kegan_stiles]

  26. 07WoefulMatrix says

    Lol I heard each one in order I went down the list

  27. browbeatingbro says

    This is a good example of auditory pareidolia. Those ghost hunting shows use this all the time when they playback an EVP recording.

  28. DrunkAssCrumPetree says

    I started to sing it together.I hear all of them

  29. duncecap_ says

    Straight bars

  30. Double_Balance154 says

    I heard all of em

  31. ktbffhctid says

    That is Embarassing. 100%

  32. Soap_Creatives says

    Hate those videos where people just stare at you looking ugly as fuck

  33. ohneauxone says

    Brains are weird. This ones been stuck in my head all year.

    *I* never said she stole my money.

    I *NEVER* said she stole my money.

    I never *SAID* she stole my money.

    I never said *SHE* stole my money.

    I never said she *STOLE* my money.

    I never said she stole *MY* money.

    I never said she stole my *MONEY*.

  34. Cpt_Obveeus1 says

    Bart Simpson Bouncing!! To That is Embarrassing! To That isn’t Mercy! Lol

  35. SloppyBlowjobQueen says


  36. Opp47 says

    That is embarrassing.. pretty clearly.. wrong?

  37. RPDRNick says

    Batshit’s in Bar Swing.

    Pat Smith’s in Parsnips.

    Butt Shaving Bullshit.

  38. neilio83 says

    That is embarrassing.

  39. thesublunary says

    This is pretty unanimbiguous if you’re a Brit that’s been to football games. I heard it first time and can’t really hear anything else.

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