1. 0rangeJEWlious says

    We’re all getting tree facials

  2. Theskinilivein says

    My nose started running, my eyes crying and my skin itching just by looking at it.

  3. 1tkdojo says

    Wow! Never actually seen it like this before.

  4. glond1930 says

    Mark Wahlberg would be scared to see this

  5. YoureSpecial says

    Ours is gone already.

  6. beerdidtrev says
  7. 100-billion-galaxies says

    So glad I don’t have allergies

  8. castfam09 says


  9. glima0888 says

    We get it. Trees vape

  10. slktffr says

    Nature is fucking.

  11. I_love_coke_a_cola says

    Good thing we have masks this year

  12. Kytoaster says

    Pollen > cold.

    At least I can breathe through my nose in the spring vs being completely stopped up all fall/winter.

  13. Tinmania says

    Once again, men are to blame.

  14. ATN90 says

    So it begins.

  15. blueteeblue says

    I’m in CA and suffer pretty much all year long, but it definitely gets worse in March and doesn’t ease up until at least May. I’m hating life today, something has really provoked it.
    I’m undergoing patch testing to find out what caused a bad reaction back in December, hope to have some answers.

  16. bmeupsctty says

    Looks like that tree is cumming

  17. great_scott1981 says

    My bees are happy. My allergies are not.

  18. ShelfordPrefect says

    ‘*Cus I’m tree*

    *Tree pollen*

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