1. nihiriju says

    Was there an extensive list of the banned companies? I wonder if DJI the drone maker is included as well.

  2. StrangeCharmQuark says

    The article discusses the Semiconductor Chip shortage, and quotes companies blaming COVID, but I thought the shortage was ramping up *before* COVID? Correct me if I’m wrong, I’m not super familiar with the industry

  3. ShadowMaker00 says

    I misread as “Hawaii” and couldn’t understand what was going on for a solid 5 minutes

  4. [deleted] says


  5. Burnnoticelover says

    “Better be careful, Americans! Maybe we’ll make it illegal for the Chinese to invest in American companies!”


  6. Runaround46 says

    Can we ban Chinese buying property next? We can’t buy property there, just makes no sense.

  7. Golin32 says

    You gonna stop them from buying real estate here too? And before y’all say that’s wrong I’m ok with countries banning Americans from buying over there too.

  8. [deleted] says


  9. Xxehanort says

    [Check here for the current list of banned companies, as well as older lists of the same thing](https://www.defense.gov/Newsroom/Releases/Release/Article/2472464/dod-releases-list-of-additional-companies-in-accordance-with-section-1237-of-fy/)

  10. MyAnusGriefAgain2020 says

    Good now ban foreign investors from buying property in the US.

  11. CanorousC says

    Don’t invest in THEIR military industrial complex, invest in OURS.
    But really, no love lost for the CCP.

  12. Crescent-IV says

    Was anyone really considering investing anyway, given all the sanctions and shit?

  13. AbysmalVixen says

    So he just re-banned them after trump’s ban expired

  14. moon_boots89 says

    Ah, gotta love the Cold War ramping up. The two biggest and most tightly-intertwined powers on the planet going at each other in a time of immense ecological crisis and mounting contradictions of capitalism surely must be a good use of all of our time!

  15. frcstr says

    Can someone explain to me the legality behind this? Is it legal to ban investment only in foreign companies or could they also ban investment in a company like Facebook?

  16. I-still-want-Bernie says

    I think this is a very good move. I hope Biden continues to make similar decisions.

  17. mjt5689 says

    Can we also do the same thing for the country of Israel?

  18. [deleted] says


  19. Shisno_ says

    Clinton and Bush fucked is hard on a lot of this. The Obama administration made token gestures only… This was the one issue where Trump was 100% correct, and I am glad to see Biden picking it up and pushing it further. Keep it up, Mr. President.

  20. PIoppy says

    Need so even to explain like I’m 5 , was there any proof of this ? How is it that US companies selling personnel data can get away with it then ?

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