1. Unlucky_Classroom280 says

    How can you stand to not let him drive the car?

  2. getuatinypanini says

    Not trying to preach or anything but you should consider getting them a harness instead of a collar. Any flat faced dog shouldn’t have any extra strain on their breathing.

  3. SchnoodleDoodleDo says

    is time again to go for ride!

    (i Love to come along…)

    but disappoint i cannot hide –

    your *lap’s* where i belong …

    i get to ride in ‘sh0tgun’ place,

    but still i am not hap ^:@(

    n so you get my saddest face –

    PLEASE !

    Let me sit on Lap!

  4. tommygunlouws says

    Dont let your dog sit on your lap as you drive. Thats just asking for an accident. Let alone imagine if that airbag deploys

  5. nonickavailable says

    This is extremely awwwwww

  6. thr0away8675309 says

    Awe-well thats good bc, if the airbag went off, hed be crushed and die against your chest. Let that sink in.

  7. KravenSmoorehead says

    Better the sad look than the results of an airbag being deployed while on your lap.

  8. iwontdie666 says

    get a dang car harness. this is so dangerous.

  9. Consistent_Momma775 says

    Omg that face!!

  10. Djlin02 says

    I see people driving with their dogs on their laps all the time, and it makes me so mad. Not only is it incredibly dangerous for you and your dog, but you become a danger to every other driver on the road. I love my dog too, which is why he rides in the backseat in a car sling with a seatbelt attachment for his harness.

  11. _bexcalibur says

    Wtf my heart

  12. tobsn says

    I read the other day on reddit what happens to dogs on labs when an accident happens and the airbags deploy.

    keep him below the seat or on a seatbelt leash thing

    you dont want to look into this further.

  13. toyotasquad says


  14. Wilson__720 says


  15. Physical_Recording27 says

    儭from cuteness overload

  16. saffronpolygon says

    This good boy is a heartbreaker.

  17. Odincrowe says


  18. DunderThunder says


  19. MetalShadyGotBanned says

    looks like bubbles from trailer park boys

  20. someone003 says


  21. bonafide_stonah says


  22. shatabee4 says

    Old man puppy.

  23. mianrezooy says

  24. TJ_McWeaksauce says

    Looks like a Disney character.

  25. Musicguy0016 says

    This might be the saddest, cutest thing I’ve ever seen in my entire life.

  26. Whalers7997 says

    These eyes….

  27. seriousquinoa says

    The face that launched a thousand desktop backgrounds.

  28. anonymous_coward69 says

    You monster!

  29. 0rarar says

    I luv u Lucius..

  30. llliammm says

    Loved my Honda.

  31. jamjar20 says

    Awwww! Sweet guy.

  32. Dragonfly21804 says

    Oh my god I’m in love with your dog. He has got to be the cutest little guy I’ve ever seen.

  33. Alarmed_Audience_345 says

    Such a beautiful face! He’s saying please let me drive!

  34. Knight_of_the_Lepus says

    I have a friend who holds his fucking dog while driving.

    Please don’t become one of those people.

  35. Augieben127 says


  36. geoffkirby says

    Pit bull? These dog never stop seeking attention. We have a 90 lber and she wants nothing but cuddles all day. I hope youre ready.
    P. S. Hes too frickin cute with that little face of his.

  37. Settedifiori says

    I-I-I just cant my heart is melting rn

  38. bee-gnosis-sol says

    Omg! Just please take all my upvotes and get out of here with that! Can’t even stand how cute he is.

  39. screamsterz says

    Seriously a look of disappointment if I have ever seen one.. wow.

  40. my_name_is_ralph says

    He looks just like an angry little baby. Very cute.

  41. intendedvaguename says

    Posted in r/happypitbull but is clearly a very sad pitbull

  42. teepurr says

    That is too damn cute

  43. AnxiousEquestrian says


  44. Particular-Lecture86 says

    What a shame, he is in a car and not properly restrained, lets hope you dont crash because your little friend you are so found of is going through your windscreen.

  45. jhani says

    OK….you feed me and give me the belly rubs. But this, THIS is not acceptable!

  46. Sillygirl190 says

    So much cuteness I could die

  47. [deleted] says


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