1. ChibiSailorMercury says

    I don’t understand these fake equivalences.

    You could even say “Girls who like to be choked and hit during sex are also the ones who don’t like to be choked and hit when not having sex”. Like. What was Carlos trying to say?

  2. aapaul says

    Why don’t people research bdsm before humiliating themselves on the internet like that.

  3. dsr541 says

    People who like free food are also the ones who duck when you throw an apple at their head.

  4. unknown-human-69 says

    Hussein gets it

  5. MrTomDawson says

    Don’t most women get upset when you yell at them? Can we get some volunteers for an experiment?

  6. AtomicBLB says

    Can confirm, former partner loved it rough during intimacy and being treated like an equal person outside of that. Who would have thought. I don’t recall yelling at my guy friends so… why do it to a woman?

  7. Wiffleboy1 says

    If what you do while having sex, you also do everywhere else, you need help.

  8. Gorperly says

    My nextdoor neighbor likes to take showers twice a day, but when I upend buckets of boiling diarrhea onto her head she calls the cops? Such curiously illogical creatures females are.

  9. Oraxy51 says

    True. I had a ex who was really into rough sex (like collars and leashes and welts and all) but if you raised your voice at her (which I did once) she would break down crying. She said sometimes men don’t realize how intimidating their voice gets when they yell that’s always sat with me since to be careful about how I talk even if sometimes people enjoy being playfully aggressive.

  10. pulluptothebumper says


  11. wanderingstalker says

    Ones with consent the other isn’t

  12. EquivalentSelection5 says

    Theres a huge difference between sexyal domination and abuse.

  13. DoverBoys says

    #C O N S E N T

  14. PoorLama says

    We have officially reached a level of male entitlement where they expect women to enjoy it when you yell at them. No words.

  15. Decama- says


  16. slowburn69420 says

    Why yell at people? I dont think I’ve ever raised my voice to anyone since the age of 17 and I realized if you need to yell to get your point across, nobody is listening anyway

  17. 24TammyStreet24 says

    Technicaly “God” is a psychopath.

  18. Capt_Aut says

    This isn’t a clever comeback though

  19. sharckyes says

    How in the flying fuck is this a “clever comeback”?

    This is just someone replying to a weird opinion. No wit here.

  20. aakaakaak says

    Isn’t it dudes who generally hire a humiliatrix to be verbally abused? Aren’t there some women into this as well? Just men kinda have to pay for it?

  21. DarkNinja3141 says

    I’m guessing that in the mind of the average regressive, kinks = “degeneracy” = bad, and crying when yelled at = “overly sensitive” = bad, and since bad = bad then they must correlate

    Bit fucked up that we live in a world with people that think this way

  22. ZippZappZippty says

    Just saw a guy puke all over the neighborhood

  23. Savi-- says

    Do you think: people who like to eat very hot, spicy stuff for fun while killing their taste nerves have anything common with peopel who likes to be dominated in sex? I know this is a controversial topic and many have something to say about it.

  24. HiSupYall3 says

    Masochists: “We have no such weakness”

  25. Milk-Wizard says

    Imagine being called out by your own dad on Twitter. Oof.

  26. laelapslvi says

    This isn’t clever, just true.

  27. Sina_TGS says

    Hol up hes got a point

  28. PKMNTrainerMark says

    Is this “clever?” It just seems like an explanation.

  29. Larmoyanz says

    Pretty sure he just meant that most of them are sensitive despite enjoying rough sex.

  30. LondonIsBoss says

    This isn’t a comeback, r/all totally sucks and the worst posts get the most upvotes

  31. [deleted] says


  32. ApathyJacks says

    Not clever.

    Barely a comeback.

  33. AbsolutelyUnlikely says

    Is explaining common sense in a pretty basic way to a moron really a clever comeback though? Or is it just a repost.

  34. xx_shadowfall_xx says

    Crying just because someone yelled at you is pathetic regardless. Not even a 5th grader would cry at that

  35. MajorChoas says

    My girl likes me rape roleplay she always says no

  36. FreshUnderstanding5 says

    Ah yes, what a sweetheart

  37. Sbotkin says

    What’s so clever about the response?

  38. DrewFlan says

    This is not really that clever at all. Appropriate, sure, but there’s nothing particularly clever here.

  39. Great-Mistaken says

    Twitter was a mistake

  40. KasdinKingofDreams says

    Hey, someone who knows the difference.

  41. CondiMesmer says

    Why are so many people in this thread talking about consent? Like somehow “consent” makes abuse okay? Or that you can even consent to abuse at all?

  42. sqdv1 says


  43. Cowwizard93 says

    Being verbally abused and yelling at someone for reasonable circumstance are pretty different. My girlfriend cried after I yelled bitch at her when she smacked me in the nuts like yeah no shit I yelled

  44. QuarantineSucksALot says

    That valet is not getting his tip.

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