1. cpupro says

    In folklore, the unibrow was a sign of lycanthropy.

  2. WanderWut says

    I mean this reads out **identically** to how I’d imagine a Reddit comment section to be if this was the same thing posted here.

  3. --Bouncy-- says

    Well, if there’s one way to assert dominance, its by discovering an entire fucking planet while working for NASA.

  4. JACCO2008 says

    It would have been so easy for his manager to just take the credit for the find and throw him under the bus because he is an intern. Bravo to whoever that guy is for being honest and having integrity.

  5. TomSurman says

    I know this is the lesser evil on display here, but “Surprised nobody else is talking about X” when literally every other comment is about X. Why are people like this?

  6. gunther_higher says

    These kinds of people are the same folks that say “Yeah I used to be a bully at school but I’d never do that shit now”

  7. Nursin-My-Beers says

    I mean he does have a unibrow

  8. Elthamar says

    You don’t follow Uni Lad because you’re interested in science, let’s be real.

  9. EliminatedHatred says

    2nd one was funny tbh. when a roast is funnier than it is offensive, its a joke. when its the opposite its just being a cunt.

  10. johndoe_420 says

    welcome to the internet

  11. Nj_all_day says

    Ok but for real why not spend like .5 seconds with a buzzer and shave your unibrow and then you wont have to ever deal with comments like these.

    Like if you cant take the tiny amount of effort on your appearance then maybe youre gonna get made fun of.

  12. Classicfatdab says

    When youre so stupid but understand you’re irrelevant, you make these insecure comments ☝🏽

  13. fatfuckpikachu says

    lmao what now, are we supposed to not see that bridge on his face because he discovered a planet. it’s like discovering a sand particle in a sandbox.

  14. abysmalpanic236 says

    People are os shallow.

  15. YaBoi-ZeeMan says

    Cmon guys, give him a break, he was just BROWsing the cosmos.

  16. PinkSockLoliPop says

    What, you mean typical reddit top comments?

  17. -self-made- says

    Kid uses super monobrow powers to distract NASA employees while discovering planet

  18. WowThatsRelevant says

    Why are the ‘c’ and the ‘P’ different colors than the rest of the headline?

  19. islandtaco287 says

    Just a little comedy. No harm no foul.

  20. BaconOverlord24 says

    I know that kid. Went to my school. Not personally really, he’s in college now. His his younger brother is in my robotics team with me.

  21. Koof99 says

    As a guy with that kinda unibrow if untamed…. That’s irritating as shit. If all you got is shit against my unibrow than you’re extremely uncreative.

    I could pull proof if necessary lol

  22. Lukas018 says

    to be fair, he do be kinda looking ooga booga

  23. -BigMan39 says

    What’s the issue?it’s just jokes

  24. brainsbesplattered says

    Jokes aren’t allowed anymore

  25. Talonf319 says

    What a fucking Chad though

    The dude gets an internship at NASA and discovers a whole new planet on his third day

    Normally, on my third day of internship, I’m still under heavy supervision and told to just watch

  26. fulustreco says

    Tbh it’s a hilarious fucking unibrow

  27. nextgentacos123 says

    Hey, don’t disrespect my boy Ed.

  28. bobross1324 says

    It’s funny tho

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