1. Nofuckenwaydude says

    Used his catculator!

  2. _Wyse_ says

    Once the optimal route was calculated, it was a simple matter of execution.

  3. solitude_r says


  4. Radekzalenka says

    It was only ever about the reflections and whether it smelled ok

  5. klrcow says

    He kept trying to cross but that other asshole cat kept flexing on him everytime he tried.

  6. Tisiphone8 says

    Me over thinking every scenario.

  7. 2wiceashard says

    The internet taught me that despite the calculations that the cat was still going to get wet.

    I feel betrayed.

  8. kwazykatlady says

    I think he realized just how damn sexy he was and was having a hard time not feeling himself

  9. Sugar_Free_RedBull says

    Well calculated life decision

  10. deshtvbangla says

    Very nice cate going style good sharing my dear friend

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