This child was a cancer patient and his last wish to fight Triple H which was fulfilled after a social media campaign for him.


This child was a cancer patient and his last wish to fight Triple H which was fulfilled after a social media campaign for him.

This child was a cancer patient and his last wish to fight Triple H which was fulfilled after a social media campaign for him. from nextfuckinglevel

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  1. obscurereference234 says

    People make fun of wrestling, but those wwe guys do more for sick kids than any other celebrities.

  2. ShinagawaSchools says

    I don’t want to be a Reply Guy, but the full story is even more tear-jerking. This little fella first came to the wrestling world’s attention because he wanted to meet Daniel Bryan, the long haired guy in the corner. This was notable because at the time Daniel Bryan was an obnoxious heel character (and an absolute angel in real life), and it was the first time a Make-A-Wish kid had asked to meet him. Shortly after that, Daniel Bryan became a grassroots fan favourite, a good guy, and unbelievably popular. He embarked on a slow burn storyline to the top of WWE and Connor was there for a lot of his big moments. That included being ringside at Wrestlemania 30 when Daniel Bryan won the WWE Championship in the main event, and Bryan brought Connor into the ring to celebrate with him. The reason he’s fighting Triple H in this video is because he was Daniel Bryan’s antagonist during this whole storyline.

    After Connor passed away WWE ran in memoriam video segments about him, even during non-televised live shows, and WWE started a pediatric cancer charity called Connor’s Cure.

    My own son was born just a few months after Connor passed away, and I’ve cried many times about this sweet kid I’ve never met… including right now!!!

  3. willymannn says

    Sitting here with my coffee worried about work today and this makes you look at life completely different.

  4. WarriorsTale says

    I am not a fan of the WWE but, these guys and girls do a ton of charity work and I have a big respect for them. This is heartwarming.

  5. GrimmTrixX says

    I think this is actually in HHH’s list of matches as an official loss, too.

  6. TheseSnozBerries says

    Thanks for making my have to leave my bathroom and explain to my wife why I’m crying while I take my morning poop.

  7. noinu_dica_one says

    I’m not crying… you’re crying.

  8. NiSayingKnight13 says

    I hate cancer, fuck you cancer

  9. PinkyVonSparkle says

    Real men exhibit kindness towards children and animals.

  10. Hyroku says

    Rest in peace Conner the Crusher.

    Kid was a huge Daniel Bryan fan and was so beloved backstage that they had him there anytime they could up until his death. All of the stories you read about/hear this kid are adorable and heartwarming.

  11. dootmoot says

    “I’m dying?



    Triple H…..”

    Way to go, kid. I approve.

  12. MuzzyMelt says

    I wish it had proper audio so we could hear them talking kid friendly smack to each other.

  13. KocaKolaKlassic says

    I mean wwf wrestlers are prolly like 99% cool uncles and 1% uncles you wanna stay away from. Triple H looks like a cool uncle

  14. Sekgon says


  15. imrunningfromthecops says

    wtf? that’s literally a made up story. there was no social media campaign and he didn’t want to fight triple h.

    he wanted to meet daniel bryan and once he did that he was allowed to visit a few more times. this match was just a random thing they sprung on him one day when he was visiting.

  16. c_c_c__combobreaker says

    [Full video with commentary](

  17. TDIsideHustle says

    So much dust in my eyes right now 😭

  18. NormanHologram says

    I really dislike pro wrestling, but of all the dudes I’ve ever read of, heard on interviews or podcasts, they’re all fucking amazingly kind and wonderful people.

  19. reshnoor says

    I tell you guys…WWE is staged, not real fighting. There’s no way this kid could beat Triple H 1v1.

  20. dick-nipples says

    Triple H: Huge Heartwarming Humanitarian

  21. c_c_c__combobreaker says

    Don’t watch all the way until the end. Just leave here on a happy note.

  22. tr3pidation says

    If I remember the story correctly, Conners time was coming close, and the WWE invited Conner to Wrestlemania so he had something to fight for a little longer. And even though there’s no proof it made any difference the family felt like it gave them extra time with him.

    Even if wrestling is predetermined, what wrestlers are willing to do inside and outside of the rings for fans is absolutely amazing.

  23. sharkbaitoo1a1a says

    Something tells me that he’s gonna remember this for the rest of his life

  24. Olderthangod says

    Honestly I’m not a huge WWE fan (used to be), but these guys’ hearts are as big as their muscles!

  25. UsernameChecksOut_69 says

    Now I know people say wrestling is fake, and yeah, sure, I’m pretty certain Triple H faked the severity of that there punch, but even if parts of the sport aren’t genuine, you cannot deny that the athletes are about as genuine as you can get!

  26. hi_i_am_araf_ says

    this match was rigged. i demand a re-

  27. underthesameroof says


  28. maytheforcepeewithu says

    Connor the Crusher

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