1. Tjstictches says

    Literally raping your children and killing your people all in one bundle.

  2. Xeri3s says

    The hiv-positive was out of nowhere damn

  3. Lucky_G2063 says
  4. Justinplay says

    I thought it couldn’t get any worse than it started but I sure got proved wrong

  5. juzwacksinmadolphin says

    That’s fucked up and then we find out that he’s HIV positive, that’s even more fucked up

  6. Interesting_Maybe_21 says

    This is wrong on soo many levels

  7. TheMultiTuber says

    00:1 ok?

    0:05 WHAT THE HELL

    rest of the video: WHAT THE ACUAL FU-

  8. SL__ says

    Those girls do not look one bit happy about it.

  9. LoudGangsta8292 says

    “Eric is a hyena”
    Eric isnt a hyena he’s a rapist

  10. Mmiicchhael says

    The parents of those poor girls should be publicly flogged. This is so far beyond fucked up that the light from fucked up will take 10 years to get here.

  11. koopa-dude says

    Sometimes, I really do believe someone needs to go in an intervene by jailing these folk. They don’t care to not hurt folks with their customs, then their government should not care in locking up these folk away forever.

  12. Salty_Play says

    What in the fucking fuck did I just saw.

  13. RegularNormalMf says

    Cultural fuckboy

  14. SmolChloIc says

    I just let out a ouch oof ow when he said he is HIV-positive

  15. thewhiterabbit410 says

    As a South African, I always get called racist for trying to talk about these topics… purely because I’m white! But I really don’t care, these practices are SICK and this is just the tip of the iceberg. Cultures like this exist all across Africa, and range from tame to undeniably evil!
    These practices need to stop, I don’t care if you want to say “ahhh… but it’s our black culture.” Or “it’s what we have always done, you whities would never understand”

    This shit is just stupid!

  16. NotSoRainbow says

    Nearly shit myself when the captions said “But Eric is HIV positive.”

  17. canadianjumpingbean says

    “These girls never get scared ”
    Your so right /s
    They look literally Mortified! 49 seconds in look at her face! 🙁

  18. Brik_a_Brak says

    Who knew that Hyenas are a sexual predator too

  19. eshiprh says

    “I’ve slept with 104 women” nah bro you raped 104 little girls. What a shitbag

  20. beEeEEeeeE1717 says

    Who invented this culture

  21. Algieon says

    Well that is horrific….the entire culture is to blame. The HIV guy is a monster but so are these poor girls parents and community leaders. What an ass backwards tradition.

  22. Space_Cowboy2099 says


  23. DuckieTheDuckie says

    I thought it couldn’t get any worse

  24. Nightmarewar64 says

    This man started as a “hyena” when he was 14 I’m not saying what he’s doing isn’t wrong cause it fuckin is but it’s crazy to think he was at a young age when he started this

  25. salvulcanoloser says

    bUt iTs pArT oF tHeIr cUlTuRe!!

  26. Fluffy_Buns_Chan says

    the motherland is wild

  27. Gnagetftw says

    All of a sudden i hope they finda huge oil reservoir in Malawi.

  28. TheRealSlyde says

    “but Eric is HIV positive”


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