1. Zulpyyy says

    We all love qrei

  2. SirDuckDee says

    I really want them to qual

  3. LocalestofLols says

    But think about the competitive integrity!!!!


  4. ___WHYAMIONREDDIT___ says

    It’s qreizy man

  5. suboppheh says

    the griefers will receive karma

  6. Surfboarder4 says

    You may have seen my post last week where we win a game with this strat.
    We aren’t as good as these guys but we’re gonna try and do it in FNCS next week. Even if we can’t get anywhere with it, I’m really happy for these guys and I’m loving what’s happening in the comp scene.

  7. Funnellboi says

    Southerner will be in here fuming soon.

  8. xX_Bubblez_Xx says


  9. pcavx says

    How did they get on??

  10. skyyohhs says

    Please forgive my stupidness but how does this work? I thought you only got floppers from spots

  11. Sparkeagle_WasTaken says

    hope this ~~shit~~ god tier play makes the casuals like comp more

  12. dxt1o says

    No chance that’s not benjyfisheys brother

  13. IFS_Studios says

    What placement did qrei’s team get? I haven’t checked

  14. TrippynessGrower says

    NGL I’m mad confused at the pro community rn. This isnt competitive and the complete opposite view I have seen from the pro community. This is why Fish need to go bad in storm. Im mad confused. Props for the strat but very strange the pro community is condoning this non competitive strategy that I have seen pros get mad at before but never in a FNCS….Im mad confused. to add to my comment, its disgusting pros are also going to blast people who try to kill them knowing how free they are. Like I said its a smart strat but its non competitive just like Aussie has stated as well. This griefs players who are fighting some of the best players in the world. This is not deserving of an org contract. I hope this will get epic to do something about the fish. Also thanks for the award 🥈 Everyone needs to remember this is a comp sub.

  15. onsitejake says

    That shit is ignorant. I hope they qual then get dumped on.

  16. VlBE-CHECK says

    Noooo!!! You can’t just camp in slurpy swamp!! You’re ruining the competitive integrity!!!

    “Slurp barrels go brrr”

  17. TheBigPerson says

    I wish epic lets them automatically qualify. They put quite a performance on from getting griefed at their original place to stealthy

  18. 44justins says

    He seems to be very good at the game even though he is doing it like this. I have a strat, what if he w-keyed in his first game and then fished for all the games after that?

  19. GigaIntellect says

    What did qrei do? I heard about him but idk what he has done

  20. HaiderSalik says

    who is he and what did he do

  21. bertmobile816 says

    What do they do if they get zone??? Lol

  22. shha_ says

    Polska gurą🇵🇱🇵🇱🇵🇱🇵🇱

  23. Rockw3ll says

    Too bad so many people know now people are just gonna grief

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