1. TheBIFFALLO87 says

    We’ve all met this lady before. Super quirky, endless positive energy, has a bunch of houseplants.

  2. Hopeful-Finance8639 says

    Love her energy!

  3. overthehill47 says

    Aunties are the best

  4. thin_white_dutchess says

    Dude, look at her shoes. She’s cool. That’s an old
    School riot girl if I’ve ever seen one. Cool aunt vibes all the way.

  5. whatskeeping says

    Awe shes awesome

  6. This-is-Life-Man says

    Not only is she stoked because it was completely awesome, but that was a kickflip backside tailslide on an extremely tall and famous ledge. He’s the only one to have done it. Gnarly and cool as hell!

  7. P4PU says


  8. Ns53 says

    I know its hard for people to comprehend but the first generation of skaters are getting older. My dad use to skate and he’s 62. There is going to be more and more people like this in as time goes.

  9. Lone_goat_guy says

    This lady just walking down the boulevard and sees this dude stomp this trick hell yeah 🙌🏼

  10. Responsible-Echo940 says

    I love the way she’s looking around like “did you guys see this” it’s adorable

  11. Brautsen says

    The mom we don’t deserve, but we all need 🥰

  12. Epoxynovolac says

    That had to have been mom.

  13. RusselResthaven says

    This is refreshing to see because it’s usually some Karen chasing a kid around threatening legal action lol

  14. outfoxthefox says

    Oh, man. This may as well have been footage of my mother and I’m not kidding I studied it really hard just in case. She made friends everywhere and delighted in everything like she was ten years old her whole life. It was infectious, I miss her but I got to be raised by that kind of wanton joy so I’m lucky for the time I got.

  15. ramblegramble says

    That hug. One of the few videos in this sub that actually made me smile!!!

  16. mallnercj says

    I wish I was this happy “of” a person in general. You know she is a joy to be around.

    Edit: typo lol

  17. sdrawkcabemanresuhhu says

    The way she puts down he coffee is perfect

  18. hemantsaiiiniii says

    She is a type of mother everybody needs. 👩‍👦 🙂

  19. 24736569420 says

    Like, Todd. Yer mom is totally into me. It’s so rad.

  20. carlpoppa618 says

    she looks like everyone’s embarrassing yet wholesome aunt

  21. nacivela says

    Reminds me of your friends mom that celebrated every little accomplishment like you won the Nobel prize.

    Shoutout to her, everyone needs a hype person

  22. cari-strat says

    A couple of years ago I was sitting in the car with the kids waiting for someone and there was a guy trying to land a jump off this kind of tiered stone seating area. There was a small spindly hedge between him and the car park so he didn’t see us watching. He must have tried the stunt two dozen times and he went some fair smacks in the process. We were all so invested in it that we all spontaneously started cheering and clapping when he finally made it. He seemed to enjoy the applause.

  23. prafferty says

    I’ve not been following this subreddit for long, but this is the first post that actually made me smile. Well done, well done indeed

  24. alexquakq1 says

    What is this am i seeing ,Bois we got a an Enemy of Karens right there . *SHE IS THE CHOSEN ONE*

  25. Spiderkingdemon says

    Mom, are you wearing my Misfits shirt again?

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