1. ObsidianXFury says

    Uh no shit, this MF is the speed force.

  2. RascalCreeper says

    He… it… is the fastest speedster because the speedforce moves at infinite velocity. It draws power directly from the speedforce, being its enforcer for the few speedsters faster than time wraiths.

  3. lost_lives says

    When u have the whole Speed Force backing you its kinda impossible for any (natty) speedsters to be faster.

  4. EmberRiseDoc says

    Idk, iris west allen did create a water tornado

  5. LikeThemPies says

    He got sniped by Killer Frost, although that somehow happens to every speedster anyways so who knows?

  6. TNT-REX_HD says

    Agreed, but the complete suit and the blue lightning’s looked cooler

  7. Philosopher_Antique says

    did wally west not outrun him though in the comics?

  8. Try-to-remember says

    Would’ve been cool to him come back, or even the time wraiths this season with the Speed force going bad….


    is this zoom or someone else? pls tell? which season

  10. JozePlocnik says

    If we follow comics barry is fast enough to run from him hell he was running from him for 23 years

  11. neoblackdragon says

    The threat of Black Flash seems less to be the fastest speedster ever and more that it could wipe a Time Remnant like Thawne from existence via touch and has some other abilities normal speedsters don’t have.

    But then that was Legends where on Flash they didn’t give one F*** and took him out with a cold blast.

  12. RealisticSenpai says

    Which episode is he in? Except from the season where Wally in the speed force and stuff like that

  13. ShadesMLG says

    They did my boi hunter dirty at the end

  14. Failingpepper11 says

    I don’t really think so, the killer frost thing kinda makes this a big no. Also, Black Flash has been outraced in the comics and who’s to say he can’t be in the arrowverse. Barry fought him like one time and that was kinda biased and was before he was really fast. Also if this man was really that fast I feel like he would’ve gotten eobard way before he did. Besides being an enforcer for the speed force he has shown no signs of it.

  15. No-Theory1964 says

    I think otherwise

  16. GoldenYhowl says

    Barry outran it in season 3 and its nowhere near the speed of the speedforce, the speedforce literally blinks to its location its so fast while when the black flash was in the speedforce barry was able to outrun it and fight it for a period of time

  17. Reasonable-Neat4131 says

    Its agreeable and evident that this MF is the fastest speedster…

    But this thing is no way, “The Fastest Man ALIVE”, Barry (and Eobard) still hold that mantle…

  18. FaultMysterious469 says

    In which season he appears?

  19. teambald12007 says

    Yeah, he kinda has to be being an agent of the speed force. But the line ‘The One thing Black Flash can’t handle….. COLD!’ gets me every time I think about it, even if I gave up on this show ages ago.

  20. Ctsanger says

    Didnt a flash run faster than instant at one point from the edge of the universe in a race?

  21. TrickyKitten69 says

    I think he’s not really that fast but more like everyone shits their pants when they see him

  22. Officialwashere says

    Well obviously…

  23. lilpee1208 says

    Lmao yeah it should be obvious this man has been devoured by the speed demons and now he’s apart of the speed force

  24. Starscream1998 says

    Not faster than ice apparently.

  25. hockey4589 says

    Did the writers just forget about the time wraiths and black flash? They used them like twice and they just don’t appear anymore

  26. EmperorJoker says

    I have no doubt he’s the fastest and I truly hope he returns.

  27. -M_A_Y_0- says

    I think if BF (black flash) and RF (reverse flash) went on a reletivly short race then RF would win. We see tat he can outpace BF in legends before getting trapped by Malcone and Damien. However if it was a long race it would be black flash who wins as he doesn’t need to stop for anything where as RF will get tierd.

  28. Both_Mud9838 says

    Thawne is faster dude. He can harness the power of Negative techyons that gives him speed boost. Think, in season 1 he temporarily lost his speed. Actually it was in fluctuation so he could not rupture the space-time barrier. So, he was using device that was at the bottom of his wheelchair because he broke his spine and was heeling slowly that people were convinced that “Wells” was actually injured and can’t be suspicious on him that he is reverse flash. He successfuly created speed mirages and was still faster than Barry. So, now his speed is intact, that makes him the fastest speedster we have seen on-screen.

  29. Thomas_1244 says

    That’s not true he only got Barry’s speed he took a Hell of a lot of V9 that’s why his lighting is blue. He he ad every speedsters speed that’s been introduced including Wally he would be the fastest but savaitar aka that god of speed is faster.

  30. jptpwr16 says

    That’s cap

  31. 68ideal says

    No, he isn’t. But that doesn’t matter, because in the end, death catches them all.

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