1. Stinkolin says

    Dude I got the same poster from a elementary school book fair like 5 years ago

  2. okaycomputes says

    Its not 100% outdated until they are all Tight Ends

  3. Chubbs_Peterson88 says

    I totally forgot AJ Green went to Arizona until I saw this picture.

  4. vrajan98 says

    It’s still a sick poster tho 👍🏾

  5. 5th_heavenly_king says

    Did Dez make that catch?

  6. berrypowerful says

    What other poster of players have you bought? You might be like the madden curse… lol

  7. Champion-raven says


  8. ChunkyBrassMonkey says

    It was outdated the last time you reposted it too.

  9. robb0688 says

    Learned about Julio and green from this post. Thanks! Lol, I’m behind.

  10. Rpoopy says

    Julio is the least overrated out of all of them tbh

  11. pilot-777 says

    What happened to Dez?

  12. realraptorjesus101 says

    Seems like a really random assortment of receivers lmao

  13. CraptainHammer says

    Wouldn’t be if Larry Fitzgerald was on it, but I may be speaking too soon.

  14. [deleted] says


  15. JishtheMish7 says

    Definitely from 2014-2015

  16. Giraffityman says

    I have that exact poster in my room rn and I got it in 2017

  17. reckert47 says

    What a sick fucking era though

  18. Chiefs_fan15 says

    Julio and Dhop are still elite, AJ green might have one more year left in the tank, Dez is pretty much done with his career, OBJ might be able to sneak into the conversation of best WR, AB may or may not have a breakout season next year.

  19. Clustaskee says

    Weird they dont have Evans in it. If he was there it probably wouldnt be outdated til like 2027 lol

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